So I think it would be wise to catch you up on what is going to be happening here in the coming months. My ‘About Me’ page gives just a synopsis, so if that is all you’re interested I encourage you to skip over this post.

To start off with, I’m graduating college soon! I am in my 4th and final semester of my associate degree nursing program. May 7th, 2014 is my pinning ceremony into the profession I have devoted my heart and soul to. Being a nurse is just the tip of the iceberg. I have plans to go on to get my masters degree and be a certified nurse midwife. With graduation and my new career, I feel like (and realize) that a new and very exciting chapter of my life is going to be starting, and this is just ONE of the BIG things I have going on.

On top of that my husband, grandmother and myself are moving from central Kentucky to eastern Kentucky. To give you some perspective– I’m moving from a city with a population of over 300,000 to a city with a population that just goes over 2,000. My husband very recently lost his father, and that loss (on top of long conversations weighing the pros and cons) led to the idea of moving. Hubby will be spending the majority of the next few months renovating our new home, meaning that my grandmother and I will be alone for much of the time until we move. The good news is it should all be ready come June or July, and our new home is being completely renovated! So I’m agonizing over paint colors, cabinets, countertops, and appliances. It’s a welcome distraction from missing hubby and nursing school. We are even going ahead and decorating one of the bedrooms with the barebones of a nursery, since that is what it will be used for one day. đŸ˜‰

Which brings me to the third major change in our life:  starting a family. We have decided to ‘let nature take it’s course’— I probably won’t buy ovulation prediction kits, but I’ll keep an eye on my cycle and just enjoy the intimate times with my husband. I’ve had the burning desire to become a mother and start a family, but we’ve been waiting for me to finish my degree. We’ve just come to realize that if we do become pregnant (which could take several months) I will be out of school by the time Baby is due to make an appearance. 

The next few months are going to be busy and exciting!


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