Home Sweet Home!

So I mentioned that my husband is going to be renovating our home for the next several months, and with the help of his Step-Dad we plan on doing all of the work ourselves. Not only will that save us a ton of money $$ but it will also be a wonderful to plan each step of the process.

I just wanted to post a few pictures of the house as it is now. This is an old home, I don’t know the exact year of it as of now, but it’s old. I’m thinking 1950’s, but I could be way off! It needs a lot of work to bring it up to code and modernize it for a growing family. The short list of things to do (besides the obvious things like finishing a wall here and there, and such): new windows, new HVAC (and duct work), all new paint/trim, fence in a portion of the backyard (and potentially put in a pool), build the entire kitchen (it’s a  blank canvas), new roof, new gutters, and ‘finishing’ the basement (putting in a roof and sealing it up better). There are some other projects he is wanting to do, like building a french doors in the master that open to a deck, repaving the walkway up to the home, etc. We also are putting in a mobile home behind the house for my grandmother to live in, so they have to tie her home into the electric, water, sewage, etc.

We got lucky because his dad did a lot of work on the property before he passed away. The home has new insulation, wiring, and refinished floors in much of it. Much of the house has a very antiquated vibe, so I plan on mixing that in with our modern tastes. Wait till you see the chandelier in the bathroom!

It’s a lot of work, but we are both very excited about it. Hubby will be leaving his job here soon and moving back there for the majority of the time so that he and his step-dad (who is retired, and just finished building his dream home from the ground up) can get started. He is projecting it to be done by June/July of this year (2014). That is a very vague date– but I’ll keep progress posted.


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