Sooner than expected…

So when my husband told me that the house would be ready in June or July… For some reason I didn’t think I would be moving until June or July. He assumed I was moving to our new home as soon as I graduated, because the house would be ready enough for me by then. That changes things. I expected to accept a job as a RN where I’m working right now as a nursing assitant when I graduated. I wasn’t telling them I was moving because I didn’t expect to hold the job longer than 3 or so months, and I knew if they knew I was moving they wouldn’t offer me the job. Now I know that is not going to be a problem because I’m moving Mid-May, I told my supervisor last night. She tried to playfully convience me to work there anyway, because there are a lot of people that make a lengthy commute, but I think a 90mile commute (one way, mind you) is a bit much.

Don’t get me wrong, I would love to accept the job because I already know the facility and I know the people– making the transition from nursing assistant to nurse would be as seamless as possible if I took a job there. I just really don’t think it makes sense for me to keep that job for several reasons. One being it’s 90miles. Two being it is a long term care facility, and I eventually want to be a mid-wife. I don’t expect that my first job will be on a labor and delivery unit, but hospital nursing vs. long term care nurseing are two very different things. Three is the fact that there are plenty of other jobs much closer to our new home, so it’s not like I’m walking away from my one and only job offer. (well– I don’t have any other job offers yet, but I have some very well written letters of reccomendation.)

The other news is this past weekend I went to visit our new home for the first time since the decision to move was finalized. I can now see more clearly the hopes that my husband has for renovating the place. It’s still hard for me to see past the cob webs and lack of paint, but it’s getting easier every day. Walking the rooms and talking about our ideas to one another was exciting. He gets so animated when he’s describing his ideas and hopes. I can’t get past designing the nursery and the kitchen.

As of now I’m in ‘moving mode’ I’m in the process of writing a letter to our landlord to give notice that we will be breaking our 2-year lease, and researching a new cell phone provider (because Sprint doesn’t get service were we are moving). I’m also going to start packing. It’s going to be my job to take care of our things here in central kentucky, while he is away taking care of our new home in eastern kentucky. My time line is as follows: We will be 100% vacated from our current home by May 31st by the written notice given to my landlord, but my thought is we willactually be moved out by May 17th (one week after I graduated college), and that gives me two weeks to close up things here and make sure the home is ready for the next tenet (shampooing the carpets, painting a wall or two, etc.)

That is 3 months from now. So in the next 12 weeks I’ve got A LOT going on. Besides packing, I’ve also got work, and trying to stay on top of my studies. This is my final semester of nursing school and it is no joke! I have 5 exams (2 of which are cumulative), 40 hours of pediatrics clincal, 120 hours of medical surgical practicum, on top of completeing my online pharmacology class that has worksheets due every sunday and an exam every other sunday.


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