Kitchen Design Ideas!

These are just some pictures of ideas I’ve had for the kitchen. I can’t decide on a backsplash idea and that is mostly because I’m not very good at visualizing the final product. I like the idea of tile and the cohesiveness of the paint — So it’s up in the air for now. I will say that my husband likes the idea of the tile.

As for the appliances, cabinets and countertops… I’m 80% sure on those decisions. The appliance package we both love and I found a great deal at BestBuy. Who would have thought that BestBuy would beat out Lowes, Home Depot, HHGreg and Sears on price?

When I’m picturing my kitchen I’ve got a few things in mind– I’m thinking cover of ‘Southern Living’ magazine. I want white cabinets and an island. I’m also wanting some ‘open’ cabinets and/or glass doors on some of the cabinets. I want it to be mostly earth tones, with some soft blue accents. The paint samples I got from Valspar had a beautiful kitchen pictured, and I’m looking for something very similar in style to that kitchen.

For now I’m spending a lot of time on Google and Pinterest trying to find inspiration. 🙂



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