Busy, busy, busy, like a really tall bee…

“Busy, busy, busy, like a really tall bee…” Lorelei Gilmore.

This weekend has been super busy, but very productive. I always say that I do my best household cleaning and baking when I have exams on the horizon. That is very true because I have a medical-surgical exam on Monday, and I had a pharmacology quiz today. So my house is all but spit-shinned clean.

Saturday I balanced the check book, updated our monthly budget, ran a few errands, did all of the laundry, and deep cleaned the kitchen. I also studied for both of my exams, and completed some pharmacology worksheets.

This morning I took my online quiz (100%!!), cooked a delicious lunch, studied, and now I’ve got a homemade pineapple upside down cake in the oven.

I have a facetime date with my husband tonight. 90 miles is not that far away, but it seems far when I’m sleeping alone at night. What’s that Brand New song that says something like, “But with nobody in your bed– the night’s hard to get through.” So truthful. My husband and I aren’t even the lovey-dovey types but spending so much time apart is lonely. Clearly the FaceTime date is important.

Obviously I understand that these few short weeks are going to be hard, but I know that it’s important for him to do this for our family. He’s still busy getting his late father’s things cleaned up and organized. He spent much of this weekend cleaning up his dad’s old motorcycle. He promised to take me out this summer for a ride. It’s a 1989 Harley Davis Springer.

Just a small update. Nothing to crazy going on at the moment.

73 Days until my Pinning Ceremony, and 83 days until we move. ***


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