Eventful Week!

So this past Monday we had a ‘snow day’– something colleges only give on on really bad occasions. My city got more snow from that storm than I have seen in this city in the 9 years I’ve lived here. So! It was impressive. While many of my classmates were thrilled with extra study time (because we were supposed to have an exam on Monday that was postponed till Thursday)– I was not. I didn’t feel like I would have time to re-review the material. And the exam grades that were posted today reflected that.

Helo enjoying the snow!

I went into nursing school with a 4.0. I was always a straight A student. My last 3 semesters of nursing school have been hard– but totally doable. This semester is killing me; more specifically, pediatrics is killing me. I’m doing fine in MedSurg and Pharm. I’ve never put so much effort into an exam only to not have it reflect on my exam. So I’m taking some time off work, a decision that my wonder C totally supports and encourages, and I’m going to focus on school!

German shepard pup. :)

Progress on the house is ongoing. C is busy tearing down walls and rebuilding them. It was good to go in and see the progress and play with our puppies (by puppies, I mean behemoth german shepherds) this past weekend. Staying with my mother-in-law is like a vacation. Her home is so cozy, and I always leave feeling refreshed. I plan on going in for a few days this weekend too, but not the long weekend I had originally planned. I really need to focus and study as much as I can.

Mother-In-law's Home

Today was bridesmaid dress day! Surprisingly enough 3 bridesmaids, and 1 bride all agreed on the same dress in less than an hour– and it was 20% off. Whooo-hoo. Then after we went shoe shopping, and of course none of us bought any shoes. 😉 Now tonight I’m studying and working on a case study for clinical.

Tomorrow is our picture day, and I’m doing my final skill check offs (I’ve already checked off previous semesters, but they want ONE final check off before you start your preceptorship–which I do: NEXT WEEK!) Then after all of that I’m going to put in a few hours of studying Peds with a friend. I can’t say I don’t have support, because that is one thing I’m swimming in.

This is an otherwise boring post. Mostly just an update on the things I have going on.


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