Wow! I can’t keep up with everything that has been going on. So I’ll try to keep things brief and simple.


Gravel as it was being laid.

House: A lot of progress has been made on the house since I last updated. We had a truck lay some gravel on our ‘temporary’ driveway– since it’s up a hill and it’s been rainy the gravel is just going to make it easier to get around. We also put up our mail box! Which took a lot more work than one would think because our mailbox is cast iron— so we had to dig a deep hole, lay cement and support it with rods. Finally– We measured all of the windows. C should be putting in the order for the windows as soon as he is done shopping around for a god deal and energy efficiency.


Mostly finished ‘temp’ driveway.


(Left to Right) Jackie and Big. Our beautiful babies.

Dogs: Our female German Shepard had puppies yesterday! She has always had small litters– so there is only 3. I haven’t got to see them personally, but C has been sending me pictures. Love! We plan on getting her fixed after this, which is going to be a feat. The only person I’ve ever seen her warm up to was C’s dad, and since he passed away we’ve been slowing having her warm up to us.


Jackie, AKA Mama, with her darling puppies.


Big, the proud Papa. Love this dog more than you can possibly know! He is amazing!

Nursing School: Though technically I’m on spring break I started my final synthesis/practicum today! (There are not enough weeks in the semester to rotate us in without having us work during spring break, but I really don’t mind.) This practicum is my  final 120 hours of clinical where I get the opportunity to follow a nurse and take on her/his patient load. My first day was amazing! I had a fantastic day packed full with awesome learning experiences. I can’t wait until Friday when I do it again! 10 hours down, 110 to go! 🙂 I also have a MedSurg exam on Monday, a Peds HESI the next Monday, and then just 3 days later my Peds Final. BUSY! On top of my Pharmacology quizzes, worksheets, and project. On top of my Peds care plan. On top of tweaking my resume and getting it just right. Thankfully C told me to take some time off work, and thankful I’m PRN so I’m able to do that without hurting my status.  All I have to focus on is SCHOOL– and my life, but that is obviously not as important 😉

TTC: I am 8 DPO (days post obviation) I didn’t buy a predictor kit or anything, I’m just using an app that knows how longmy cycles are and ‘predicts’ my fertile days and ovulation. My period is due to start sometime in the next 6 days. I don’t have any signs or symptoms or anything, so who knows. This was just our first month giving it a try. I do of course hope and wish for a nugget to be growing, but who knows! (:

Odds and ends: I got a new toy! A DSLR– It’s a Canon Rebel, and I’m still learning how to use it. For now it’s mostly being used infully AUTO mode. haha. I shampooed my carpets, which is usually C’s job, but he’s still spending most of his time in eastern Ky. My aunt is visiting Ky from Fl. It’s been almost 5 years since we’ve seen her face-to-face, so that’s exciting.


Okay. This post was all over the place. I tried to organize it. haha.


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