Less than 6 hours ago I discovered my Sea Monkey was growing. I felt like I would… just know and that the pee-stick would only validate what I already knew. I was wrong. I so badly wanted a positive test that I was hoping, but I just didn’t think this month was it. I already said in my pervious post that I really believed that buying the pregnancy tests was a waste of money because they were going to be negative.

I was grocery shopping today at Kroger, and just on a whim bought them. I had no intention of taking one until at least tomorrow morning because I wasn’t supposed to start my period until today anyway. After we put away the groceries C and I went out for a bit and did some shopping for the house. (**pictures of some of my loot below!– I’m addicted to Kirklands!)  I was just  getting so terribly car sick, which I did before Sea Monkey came to be, but this was worse. I didn’t even mention to C that I purchased or planned to take a test. I just did.

The package says to wait a few minutes for results, but less than 30 seconds was all it took. I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was looking at it, double checked that– Yes, two lines means you’re pregnant. Standing in my bathroom, trying to absorb it. Immediately after I put the stick in my pocket and sat next to C and told him I loved him, and pulled it out.

He was shocked, because despite him saying he knew I was pregnant — he really wasn’t prepared for it so soon. He kissed me on the belly and assured me that this was a good thing. He was just adjusting to the news– I can’t blame him. I spent almost 20 minutes in the bathroom doing the same thing. We are so happy. So, so happy!

Other than the nausea (no vomiting), and being tired (but I’m always tired)– I don’t any other symptoms. I’ve been cramping mildly and just assumed that my period was coming. I did briefly notice that my breasts felt fuller, but not sore. I have AA boobs– Yes, double A. Smaller than A’s — I would notice if they got bigger. No dice.

Now that I know I feel so excited and so stuck in the middle. It’s too soon to tell most people. We are only telling my mother in law, grandma, and my best friend. It’s too soon to really see a doctor, but you can believe that I’m looking into it. Now I’m just walking around with this exciting possibility, and I can’t do anything about it.

I know about the miscarriage (spontaneous abortion) statistics. I know that it’s so early to be this attached to Sea Monkey… but I can’t help it. I’m so attached. I’m so excited. I’m ready to enjoy this pregnancy and the end result. I can’t contain myself.



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