Nursing school and pregnancy collide.


As of 5pm today I’ve completed 40 hours of my 120 hour practicum. I have my Pediatrics HESI on Monday (which I need/want a really good grade on) and then my Peds final on Thursday. It’s nice that Peds ends early so I’ll have time to focus on studying for the exit HESI. Barring some terrible tragedy I’m supposed to graduate and be pinned in 40 days. So I have a lot going on in the school front. No complaints there. I’m surprisingly less stressed and more excited!


I’ve got blogging fever about this pregnancy right now (sorry!)– but as I’ve said C and I are keeping Sea Monkey a secret until we have everything confirmed. However, today I had to inform my preceptor. I’m completing this rotation on a cardiac progressive care tele unit– so we don’t see a lot of oncology patients or meds; so when I pulled the package out of the med room with a giant red warming against pregnant women even handling the medication I had to let her know.

It actually was very easy and not as uncomfortable as I imagined. I expressed my desire to keep it under wraps, and she kindly prepared the medication and administered it to our patient. As it turns out we discovered she actually knows of C and his family because she is from the town in Eastern Ky where we are moving (less than 3000 people means everyone knows everyone). So she congratulated us and assured me that the information wouldn’t leave her lips. News travels in a small town and I would hate for his family to hear from someone other than us.

On another pregnancy note. I’ve taken two First Response tests, and both were positive. I want to buy a clear blue digital– the one that tells you how many weeks along you are– but I’m so scared of getting a BFN. I’m so attached to the idea of my Sea Monkey than I don’t want it to vanish. So I’m living in my worry-free bubble. As of right now I have no reason to think anything is wrong. I’ve seen some posts about women who bought 10 different tests and just keep taking them to let it sink in. That’s what I want to do– I just can’t bring myself to do it! Ugh!

Anyway– I’m going to finish watching the UK vs. UofL sweet 16 game. Then I’m going to study some before bed.

Have a good weekend and wish me luck on my Peds Hesi– I need all the luck I can get.





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