8 weeks


How far along: 8 weeks and 5 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: back to my pre pregnancy weight– the stomach virus made me lose a few pounds, but I’m working on it.

Maternity clothes: I’m stuck in my ‘fat’ jeans from bloat. I’ve always been a bigger girl but I feel massive. The pregnancy bloat and gas is real!

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: like a rock. I go to bed early and sleep till about 8. Getting a solid 8-10 hours. I finally figured out a good way to put all of the pillows so it doesn’t feel like I’m sleeping alone. I miss my hubby. 😦

Best moment last week: not totally baby related, but I passed by exit hesi! Which is kind of a baby moment because I am 8 days away from the degree that will enable me to help my husband provide for our child. I also watched The Business of Being Born– I feel much more secure in my future as a midwife and as a mother after that!

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: fresh fruit.

Gender: I still feel like it’s a girl, but lately I can’t shake the feeling of twins!

Labor signs: No labor signs, but I did have some more fun pregnancy signs and symptoms: bloat, gas, and emotional instability (I cry at everything). Still some mild cramping. No real nausea. It’s very mild in the mornings, but that’s about it.

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: sweet tea. Caffeine.

What I am looking forward to: My ultrasound on Thursday.

Milestone: Hubby sent me a link to join amazon mom. I love when he feels connected to this pregnancy.

What’s happening with baby: Sea Monkey is the size of a raspberry, and has noticeable arm and leg buds that can flex. Sea monkey’s heart is beating around 150 beats per minute. I can’t wait to hear that sweet sound.


It’s the final countdown!


Crazy that my undergraduate nursing career is finally coming to an end!!

Friday April 25th, finish up all but 4 hours of my practicum rotation.
Sunday April 27th, take my last pharmacology quiz.
Monday April 28th, take my EXIT HESI (over fundamentals, all of med surg, mother/baby, psychiatric, and pediatric nursing!)
Wednesday April 30th, completely finish my practicum!
Tuesday May 6th, take my last med surg exam.
Wednesday May 7th, attending my pinning ceremony (graduate)

13 days.

Crazy stupid amounts of excited and nervous.



Week 7


How far along: 7 weeks and 4 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1.6 pounds. 😦

Maternity clothes: I’m stuck in my ‘fat’ jeans from bloat. I’ve always been a bigger girl but I feel massive.

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: I dream crazy stuff and have to pee at least once a night but otherwise it’s great sleep.

Best moment last week: Realizing that my doctors appointment that I once thought was so far away is next Thursday!!

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: fresh juicy pineapple.

Gender: I still feel like it’s a girl.

Labor signs: No labor signs, but I did have some more fun pregnancy signs and symptoms: so much gas– and it’s not like I have the joy of release either. Nausea is finally kicking in– It’s not terrible, but not fun. Hot flashes come on with a vengeance that only sub-zero temperatures could fight. No more spotting, just the same mild cramping I’ve had.

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: sweet tea!

What I am looking forward to: May 1st!

Milestones: Nothing this week honestly.

What’s happening with baby: Sea Monkey is the size of a blueberry, and is developing arm and leg buds. Also the heart and brain are becoming more complex. 🙂


Missing caffeine!!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been very careful to avoid all of the no-no foods/drinks. Now, I never was much of an alcohol person so not drinking alcohol has only been mildly missed– I only seem to want a nice cold beer because I can’t have one. Haha.

I’ve also been avoiding some things that I can supposedly have: Tylenol and caffeine.

There was a study that came out discussing the correlation between Tylenol consumption in pregnancy and ADHD manifestations in the child. Now I don’t know all the details but it’s enough for me to try to not take Tylenol willy nilly. It is also a way to potentially help me prepare for an unmediated birth. (Which is a decision I have not made 100% for certain). The big concern I have is I have suffered from migraines for several years. I had a headache for three days and could not get it to go away– so I did try Tylenol. It was not successful. I need to find some other ways to overcome headaches if they come again. I’ve been keeping my hair down as a way to avoid headaches. My hair is so heavy and long– I need a cut. So far doing that and not wearing headbands is working.

Then for caffeine I am not alone. A lot of women swear off caffeine in pregnancy– because at the minimum you are supposed to cut back to 200-300 mg a day. I am a nursing student graduating in less than a month– caffeine is close to a life line. Not having it has been hard, but I have been finding other ways to stay energized: getting plenty of rest at night, drinking plenty of fluids, resting as needed– all of this has made my no caffeine rule almost too easy. The only time I really miss it is at a restaurant– my husband will order a tall southern sweet tea– and I feel my resolve waver. My mouth will literally salivate at the thought.

I’ve been drinking cold brew decaffeinated tea with Splenda– and that kind of helps, but I am looking forward to the day when I can get a large sweet tea!!

All whining aside; I am making these choices for the good of Sea Monkey and myself, and I am happy to make this sacrifice.



Week 6


How far along: 6 weeks and 6 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: None.

Maternity clothes: I’m stuck in my ‘fat’ jeans from bloat. All these women that are wearing their normal clothes and maternity late in their pregnancy are a wonder to me.

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: Vivid and strange dreams this week.

Best moment last week: C got me an IPad as a Mother’s Day gift. I know it will be fun to use while breast feeding. 🙂

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: Hotdogs and Dairy Queen peanut butter milkshake.

Gender: I still feel like it’s a girl.

Labor signs: No labor signs, but I did have some very light spotting this week (none on my underwear) I got nervous expecting the worst, but so far it seems good. Still no appointment till May 1st. I also started having (tmi) some major constipation.

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: I was wishing I could join C in a beer and some soft cheese tonight 😉

What I am looking forward to: May 1st!,

Milestones: Nothing this week honestly.

What’s happening with baby: Sea Monkey is the size of a sweet pea and developing facial features this week. So crazy to think not that long ago Sea Monkey was the size of a poppy seed!


Health Insurance Woes…

C and I signed up for health insurance and I didn’t realize at the time that it wouldn’t go into effect until May 1st. That would not have been a big concern except for the fact that we got lucky enough to conceive our first month trying– and because of that I’ll be nine weeks and one day on May 1st. We really didn’t want to wait that long before we had our first prenatal appointment. We tried to go to health department in the hopes that we could get some interim care, and we were denied.

So to put my mind at ease I called and double checked with the insurance company that everything is set to kick in on May 1st and I should be getting my card in the mail in the next 7-10 days. I also double checked and Anthem BCBS does NOT consider pregnancy to be a preexisting condition. So I researched a few practices in the city and called and made an appointment with a midwife who is affiliated with the hospital that I had hoped to give birth at before we ever conceived Sea Monkey. I was lucky enough to get an appointment at 9am on May 1st– 9am is the ultrasound, and 930 I meet with my midwife. There are 4 hospitals that do births in my city alone, so the fact that I completed my maternal newborn clinical rotation at this hospital is just one more reason why I feel better about it.

The office actually recommends that you come in for your first appointment at 8-10 weeks, so 9 weeks is right in the middle and I keep trying to tell myself that to keep me calm. It’s just crazy scary not knowing what’s going on and if everything is okay. I just wish I had more than two pink lines to validate my pregnancy (along with a slew of other early pregnancy symptoms).

I’m working on staying positive and busy. I have my HESI on April 28th, doctors appointment on May 1st, last exam on May 6th, pinning ceremony on May 7th, and we leave for vacation on May 11th. I have so many wonderful things happening. I’m just too type-A to wait so long for confirmation, etc. It’ll all be okay.  So I have a lot to keep me occupied….. right?!



Week 5




How far along: 5 Weeks and 5 days (by my estimate)

Total Weight Gain/Loss: None.

Maternity clothes: I ordered a BellaBand by several recommendations, but I haven’t got it yet.

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: Peeeeeeing all the time, but I really think that might be more because I drink so much water all day long.

Best moment last week: C spilled the beans to some of his family. They could not have been more supportive.

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: Hotdogs. Not just any hotdogs– but those big fat juicy ones you get at a gas station.

Gender: I still feel like it’s a girl. We have a name for a boy (maybe one for a girl). On the flip side I have a nursery theme for a girl, and none for a boy.

Labor signs: No labor signs, but pregnancy signs and symptoms (s/s) are cramping, breast fullness, sharp pain in my hip/groin area when I sneeze unless I’m prepared for it (I’ve read these are round ligament pains, but I have no clue), and hot flashes of only my face (which I’ve read is from the surge of hormones).

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: Not keeping secrets!

What I am looking forward to: Getting health insurance and making our first doctors appointment!!!

Milestones: Nothing this week honestly.

What’s happening with baby: Sea Monkey is the size of an apple seed this week and major body organs/systems are developing! Sea Monkey is also busy developing his/her placenta and umbilical cord!




Wow! A lot has happened since I updated you last.

The big news is I passed my Peds class (thanks to making a 98.1% on my HESI exam!!) Now I’m almost done with nursing school. It’s hard to believe… We have no more lecture (because we finished our content early). I need to finish my online Pharm class (easy!), take my exit HESI and my last MedSurg exam (both of which I can essentially BOMB and still pass– not that I’ll do that), and finish up my practicum rotation (that I’m loving). One month from today I will be pinned into the profession I love. Amazing!

To celebrate passing the class I was struggling so hard in C told me to book our graduation vacation! 5 nights in Myrtle Beach. We check in May 11th and check out on the 16th. So excited. I’ve never been to Myrtle beach, and though I am from Florida I haven’t seen a beach in nearly a decade.

On the pregnancy front I’ve taken millions four more tests… and they all keep saying the same thing. I am definitely preggo! I haven’t been able to make a doctors appointment yet because our health insurance doesn’t kick in until the 1st of May. We are trying to find a way around that, but no dice as of yet. On another pregnancy note– I think I overestimated my progression by thinking I was due Nov 27th based on my LMP, but when I factored in my cycle length (33 days on average)– I think I’m closer to being due on Dec 3rd. Making me 6 weeks on Wednesday. That date makes a lot more sense.

As it is now my symptoms are about the same. I do have a few additions that I’ll talk about in my weekly update.


Apollo. DOB: March 18th, 2014. Taken on April 7th, 2014.

On the home front– not much has been done. Finally C figured out the insurance stuff so it should be kick started very soon. The house is a lot cleaner and so is the airplane hanger garage. C and his mom have organized most of it, but the garage got a lot of water in it from the massive downpour that hit Ky last week. There was still water in there yesterday. On a more positive note Jackie’s puppies are doing great! 3 German Shepard puppies (2 girls and a boy). We decided to keep the boy, his name is Apollo. He’ll be 3 weeks old tomorrow, and he is feisty. Every time we go see the pups one of them is howling like crazy… It’s always our boy. The girls have homes too (my best friend is taking one, and C’s friend is adopting the other).

New brakes!

New brakes!

With Peds out of the way I made a trip in to see the family this past weekend. We spent a lot of time relaxing, running errands, letting me play with puppies, changing my brake pads, and of course watching basketball– So bummed for our CATS not taking the NCAA Championship home, but still proud of how far they came. Heading back to Central Ky and I hope we can sort out this health insurance business so I can get a doctor’s appointment.

Back to the grind.