Wow! A lot has happened since I updated you last.

The big news is I passed my Peds class (thanks to making a 98.1% on my HESI exam!!) Now I’m almost done with nursing school. It’s hard to believe… We have no more lecture (because we finished our content early). I need to finish my online Pharm class (easy!), take my exit HESI and my last MedSurg exam (both of which I can essentially BOMB and still pass– not that I’ll do that), and finish up my practicum rotation (that I’m loving). One month from today I will be pinned into the profession I love. Amazing!

To celebrate passing the class I was struggling so hard in C told me to book our graduation vacation! 5 nights in Myrtle Beach. We check in May 11th and check out on the 16th. So excited. I’ve never been to Myrtle beach, and though I am from Florida I haven’t seen a beach in nearly a decade.

On the pregnancy front I’ve taken millions four more tests… and they all keep saying the same thing. I am definitely preggo! I haven’t been able to make a doctors appointment yet because our health insurance doesn’t kick in until the 1st of May. We are trying to find a way around that, but no dice as of yet. On another pregnancy note– I think I overestimated my progression by thinking I was due Nov 27th based on my LMP, but when I factored in my cycle length (33 days on average)– I think I’m closer to being due on Dec 3rd. Making me 6 weeks on Wednesday. That date makes a lot more sense.

As it is now my symptoms are about the same. I do have a few additions that I’ll talk about in my weekly update.


Apollo. DOB: March 18th, 2014. Taken on April 7th, 2014.

On the home front– not much has been done. Finally C figured out the insurance stuff so it should be kick started very soon. The house is a lot cleaner and so is the airplane hanger garage. C and his mom have organized most of it, but the garage got a lot of water in it from the massive downpour that hit Ky last week. There was still water in there yesterday. On a more positive note Jackie’s puppies are doing great! 3 German Shepard puppies (2 girls and a boy). We decided to keep the boy, his name is Apollo. He’ll be 3 weeks old tomorrow, and he is feisty. Every time we go see the pups one of them is howling like crazy… It’s always our boy. The girls have homes too (my best friend is taking one, and C’s friend is adopting the other).

New brakes!

New brakes!

With Peds out of the way I made a trip in to see the family this past weekend. We spent a lot of time relaxing, running errands, letting me play with puppies, changing my brake pads, and of course watching basketball– So bummed for our CATS not taking the NCAA Championship home, but still proud of how far they came. Heading back to Central Ky and I hope we can sort out this health insurance business so I can get a doctor’s appointment.

Back to the grind.



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