Missing caffeine!!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant I’ve been very careful to avoid all of the no-no foods/drinks. Now, I never was much of an alcohol person so not drinking alcohol has only been mildly missed– I only seem to want a nice cold beer because I can’t have one. Haha.

I’ve also been avoiding some things that I can supposedly have: Tylenol and caffeine.

There was a study that came out discussing the correlation between Tylenol consumption in pregnancy and ADHD manifestations in the child. Now I don’t know all the details but it’s enough for me to try to not take Tylenol willy nilly. It is also a way to potentially help me prepare for an unmediated birth. (Which is a decision I have not made 100% for certain). The big concern I have is I have suffered from migraines for several years. I had a headache for three days and could not get it to go away– so I did try Tylenol. It was not successful. I need to find some other ways to overcome headaches if they come again. I’ve been keeping my hair down as a way to avoid headaches. My hair is so heavy and long– I need a cut. So far doing that and not wearing headbands is working.

Then for caffeine I am not alone. A lot of women swear off caffeine in pregnancy– because at the minimum you are supposed to cut back to 200-300 mg a day. I am a nursing student graduating in less than a month– caffeine is close to a life line. Not having it has been hard, but I have been finding other ways to stay energized: getting plenty of rest at night, drinking plenty of fluids, resting as needed– all of this has made my no caffeine rule almost too easy. The only time I really miss it is at a restaurant– my husband will order a tall southern sweet tea– and I feel my resolve waver. My mouth will literally salivate at the thought.

I’ve been drinking cold brew decaffeinated tea with Splenda– and that kind of helps, but I am looking forward to the day when I can get a large sweet tea!!

All whining aside; I am making these choices for the good of Sea Monkey and myself, and I am happy to make this sacrifice.



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