Week 7


How far along: 7 weeks and 4 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 1.6 pounds. 😦

Maternity clothes: I’m stuck in my ‘fat’ jeans from bloat. I’ve always been a bigger girl but I feel massive.

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: I dream crazy stuff and have to pee at least once a night but otherwise it’s great sleep.

Best moment last week: Realizing that my doctors appointment that I once thought was so far away is next Thursday!!

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: fresh juicy pineapple.

Gender: I still feel like it’s a girl.

Labor signs: No labor signs, but I did have some more fun pregnancy signs and symptoms: so much gas– and it’s not like I have the joy of release either. Nausea is finally kicking in– It’s not terrible, but not fun. Hot flashes come on with a vengeance that only sub-zero temperatures could fight. No more spotting, just the same mild cramping I’ve had.

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: sweet tea!

What I am looking forward to: May 1st!

Milestones: Nothing this week honestly.

What’s happening with baby: Sea Monkey is the size of a blueberry, and is developing arm and leg buds. Also the heart and brain are becoming more complex. 🙂


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