First prenatal appointment update.


Wow. Where do I begin?

My appointment was at 9am for ultrasound and at 930 for my midwife. I had already completed all of my paperwork online so all I had to do was sign in. Hubby came into town for the appointment and thank goodness he did because I was a nervous wreak. For some reason (maybe because I haven’t had so many signs or symptoms) I was half expecting them to do my ultrasound and tell me I was crazy– there was nothing in there.

The ultrasound tech was really nice. She had me use the bathroom and then let me undress from the waist down for the vaginal ultrasound. She turned off the lights in the room and there were two screens to view the ultrasound from. I saw Sea Monkey before she said anything, but when she zoomed in and said, “there is your baby.”— I lost it.

I sobbed so hard and kept apologizing and she reassured me multiple times it was okay. It took nearly a fully minute for me to contain myself and then she warned us to brace ourself because we were about to hear the heartbeat– que the waterworks when I heard that beautiful, beautiful sound.

175 bpm. Healthy. Then we actually got to see Sea Monkey move on the screen!! It was amazingly beautiful and took our breath away.

She measured Sea Monkey and gave rough estimate of 9 weeks, but the midwife said 8 weeks and 5 days– so baby is due December 6th. 🙂

After she gave us four pictures she congratulated us again, and said we could go back to the waiting room and wait for our next appointment. After she left I looked over to C and saw he had red eyes. I asked if he was crying and he said his allergies were acting up. 🙂

We waited excitedly for the midwife and couldn’t stop staring at the pictures they gave us. It wasn’t much longer that we were then called into the back. They took my weight and blood pressure (116/63) , and asked me about my symptoms (or lack of). I had already read everything on the website so they just explained the 24 on-call service and told me to prepare for a Pap smear.

Not long after the midwife came in. She took her time and answered all of our questions, preformed a Pap smear, and told me it seemed like I had enough room for a vaginal delivery! It was a wonderful appointment.

After which I went downstairs and had some blood drawn, and they needed a urine sample, but I was not able to provide them one so they told me they would just get it next week.

My next appointment is May 29th. I’ll be 12 weeks and 5 days.

I just wanted to chronicle this for me to remember and for anyone else who was curious for what the process was.



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