10 weeks (and our vacation to Myrtle Beach!!)


How far along: 10 weeks and 5 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: at my prenatal appointment I had gained 1.8 pounds, but we had to step on a scale for the helicopter tour we took of myrtle beach and I was up .04, but I also had my large bag, so I don’t know. I know I’m super hungry, but because of the instant bloat can only manage to eat half of my food most of the time, and we’ve been spending lots of time walking and swimming while we’ve been here. 🙂

Maternity clothes: the cute dresses I’ve been wearing around myrtle beach have room to grow, so I plan on wearing them this summer.

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: Pretty awesome! Even these beds in our hotel are super comfortable. However, if I don’t get in a nap in during the day I’m out before 9pm. I only have to get up to pee once in the night– I’ll enjoy that while it lasts.

Best moment last week: several things! 1. I think we’ve decided on a girl name. Eeeeek! 2. We’ve been in Myrtle beach since Sunday, and we leave tomorrow— but everything this week has been amazing. 🙂

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: Food every 2-3 hours, but I get so bloated so fast I can only eat a little bit. C has been trying to keep up with my weird eating habits– like a pro. 😉

Gender: can’t wait to find out the week of my birthday in June.

Labor signs: No labor signs, but I did have some more fun pregnancy signs and symptoms: bloat, gas, and emotional instability (I cry at everything). Still some mild cramping. No real nausea. It’s very mild in the mornings, but that’s about it. (<——- same this week, with the added exhaustion)

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: sweet tea and Iced coffee. I also wanted to do some things like go parasailing and such, but I didn’t want to hurt Sea Monkey, but I’m not batting an eye at these little things.

What I am looking forward to: Leave the 1st trimester behind, and our next appointment on May 29th. Two weeks from today.

Milestone: none this week that I can think of.

What’s happening with baby: Bones and cartilage are forming and hair and finger nails are beginning to form. It still blows my mind every week when I look at the size comparison: a prune this week, but 6 weeks ago a poppy seed. Amazing!




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