BellaBeat Fetal Doppler Review

When I found out I was pregnant I knew I wanted a fetal Doppler. I’ve read other blogs where someone used it and talked about how enjoyable the experience was. I watched a ton of YouTube videos on it and read some reviews about the Sonaline B. Fetal Doppler. I was all set to make the purchase, but then I heard about BeallBeat and it has the added bonus of being able to record the heartbeat because the device it tethered to your smart phone. I liked that idea because with C out of town a lot I would to be able to send it to him.

Despite knowing that BellaBeat was more than twice the cost of the other Doppler, C and I decided we liked the recording feature a lot and went with BellaBeat. Now the product is new to the US and I couldn’t find one review, but I went ahead and got it anyway– this is my review on why I wished I had NOT purchased the BellaBeat.

I knew that the device was not intended for use until the 12th week, but I’ve been playing around with it– not really expecting to hear the heartbeat just yet. I already can see several features of the device I’m not a fan of.

One being the overall design. I like how with the Sonaline B there is an actual wand connected by a long cord. The BellaBeat is flat and awkwardly shaped and doesn’t make it fun to use.

Then coordinating between that and my iPhone where I have to push buttons and deal with all these cords is a mess. Plus I kept getting nervous that the gel I was using was getting pushed around to the part of the device where the headphones and such connected to, and I short it out.

Then there is the fact that it doesn’t have a built in speaker. You have to have headphones to hear it. That is a little obnoxious.

Then the one thing I don’t feel like I have a right to whine about but I will anyway— you really can’t hear a heartbeat until after the 12th week, but many women find their heartbeats on the Sonaline at 9 weeks or sooner.

I wished I had saved myself 60-80$ and purchased the Sonaline B. I love that you will be able to record and share the heartbeat, but I guess if that is the best feature about it, I can just record the sound from the Sonaline B In my iPhone Voice Memos. I’m really frustrated with the product and I hope that this little review will give insight into others who are thinking of making the purchase.

Below you can see a picture of my personal BellaBeat connected to all of its cords, and just keep in mind they are attached to the part of the device that is supposed to be moving around your belly to find that heartbeat. You can see why it is annoying, and if you think about it– also not a fun product to use with nothing really study to hold on to or help you maneuver it. It’s similar to how you would move a piece around on a ouija board.

If anyone needs anymore information about it please don’t hesitate to comment below. I would be more than willing to address anyone’s concerns they have that I may not have addressed. This is a big purchase and research is key.



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