12 weeks


How far along: 12 weeks and 5 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At the appointment today I was down 3 pounds from pre pregnancy.

Maternity clothes: The Same as it has been– I’ve purchased some larger clothes, but no ‘Maternity’ clothes yet.

Stretch marks: I have some already but none are the fault of Sea Monkey.

Sleep: Naps during the day are practically and must and thanks to our heavenly bed sleep is fantastic!

Best moment last week: Hearing the heartbeat with BellaBeat, and then hearing the heartbeat at my appointment. 154 and strong. Beautiful. Amazing. I didn’t cry this time. haha! We also scheduled our gender reveal scan for June the 19th– only 3 weeks away, not the 4 I thought it was going to be.

Movement: Not for awhile.

Food cravings: Not really. Still just trying to eat when I’m hungry.

Gender: Can’t wait to find out the week of my birthday in June.

Labor signs: None yet, but some of my symptoms during pregnancy are: constipation, gas, and bloating.

Belly button: Not looking forward to this one– totally in.

What I miss: Iced coffee.

What I am looking forward to: Leave the 1st trimester behind, and our gender reveal scan! Finally I can start to purchase clothes.

Milestone: Hearing the heart rate.

What’s happening with baby: Now that baby has most of her body formed Sea Monkey is now just focusing on growing and developing reflexes. If baby was bigger I could feel them move, because they are all over the place.


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