House update!

So now that I’m out of school I’ve been spending as much time in Eastern Ky as I can. I know I’m not going to be as much help here in a few weeks so I’m putting in my sweat hours while I can. Work really started to get fast and busy on memorial day!

The roofing crew came and have nearly finished the new roof. Once the roof is finished they are going to work on the rest of the outside of the house: new vinyl siding upstairs, gutters, and a bunch of other stuff I don’t fully understand. haha.

The men working on our gas well made a lot of ground– Thanks to this deal we will have lifetime free gas, which is going to save us a ton of money on our heat bill. They are working on laying over 7000ft of line.

Then my mother in law and I painted the downstairs foyer and laid some varnish on the front door. Her husband has nearly finished the tile work in the bathroom. He and C spent a lot of hours cutting tile and cleaning lots of black grout because it’s super messy. haha.

We also hit up Lowes while they were having a memorial day and purchased our appliances, kitchen flooring, and ceiling fans for the living room, kitchen, master, and nursery.

I hope it won’t take too long to finish. The place is going to beautiful!






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