Childbirth Classes

At my last appointment my midwife asked if I had considered attending any childbirth classes. Of course I thought about it, but for some reason I thought I had so much time before I even needed to start considering. She encouraged me to start looking into them because the classes are only held every few weeks and you’d need to plan it out.

Today I went to my facility’s webpage and looked through the classes I was interested in attending and was surprised to see that now may be the time to start planning for these. If we start now we will be attending one class a month until the last class in October. I feel like these will be good classes both because C and I are first time parents, and because I do plan to have a career as a midwife in the future. I’m going to be surrounded by babies for the rest of my life.

So the classes I’m thinking of taking are these:

  • 9 Months in Counting: Questions about being pregnant
  • Great Expectations: What is it going to be like laboring at my facility, their policies, etc.
  • Little Fingers, Little Toes: Teaching you the basics–how to bath, change, swaddle, etc.
  • Art of Breastfeeding: self explanatory.
  • Laboring the Natural Way (to be taken during the 8th month): self explanatory

I’m excited, nervous, and everything in-between. Now… The real question is: how am I going to pry C away from all of his renovation mayhem to travel the 90 miles into town to appease his darling pregnant wife. Oh wait, I’m his darling pregnant wife. I win. Muahahaha.

On another childbirth class note– I need to decide if what natural childbirth method I want– or if I even want one. I’ll start looking into that soon.



2 thoughts on “Childbirth Classes

    • I think that will be the route I take just because as a nurse I am already comforted by knowing the process and how things work. Thank you for your input!

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