My Pre-Baby Book

I am a compulsive organizer and list maker. I always have been. When I feel overwhelmed or anxious– I make a list and it instantly soothes me. Obviously everything about being pregnant, and preparing for our first child is overwhelming. I have already eluded in pervious posts that I have been planning and organizing. So this post I’m going to talk about how I organize all of that research.

I bought a 1-inch 3-ring binder, and some dividers to break up the certain areas that I’ve been researching. Currently I have 5 sections: Prenatal, hospital, registry, nursery, and birthing classes. I’ll let you know what I keep in each section.



I have receipts from my appointments and from my payments plan. I also have a payment schedule for my payment plan to pay off our deductible by the time our baby is here– that way after all we have to worry about is the hospital bill. I also have ‘recap’ sheets, and the information that my midwife has given me at my appointments. Essentially this section has everything to do with my prenatal care.


Currently this section is blank, but as it gets closer to the due date I do plan on pre-registering for our stay in the hospital, so in this section of my binder I will hold a copy of that paperwork. I will have some page protectors to hold all of the information we get about the birth certificate, social security card, and upcoming well baby visits. I’ll also have a few copies of my flexible birth plan.


All information related to baby purchases and the registry will be here. I have a huge master list that I’ve complied from looking at several different ‘registry lists’ on the internet, and as I register for an item I cross it off the large list and write down which store I registered for it at. Then after that I have each store’s specific list. Once we are done I will include a printed copy of the registries from the stores.



The two most important things I have in this section are the to-scale nursery drawing with the large items of furniture placed where I want them, and the list of the big ticket furniture items I need to purchase from Ikea. This section will also include nursery inspiration as I start to design a nursery. This is my favorite section.


Birthing Class

This section currently just has a list of the classes I plan to attend, their date, location, and anything special about the class I need to know. It also has a list of questions I have to ask once I’m in the classes. As I begin attending them if I happen to take any notes– this section will also include my notes.


I really enjoy adding stuff to the sections as I have stuff to include. The amount of stuff to do doesn’t feel as overwhelming for me once I’ve got it organized and at my finger tips. I don’t know if this will make anyone else feel better like it does for me– but I figured it can’t do anything but help.





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