Week 14


Today I am 14 weeks and 4 days, I’ve been pregnant for over 100 days– squee!! This week started off rough. I seem to go through these periods of time where I’m nauseous and sick all the time and I don’t feel like eating anything, then I have periods of time where I feel fine on that front and I’m hungry every 3 hours or so. Each phase seems to last about 4-6 days, and I always come out of the first phase down a pound or two. The beginning of this week I was feeling really sick and could not bring myself to eat anything despite having unlimited possibilities (because I’ve been in central Kentucky this past week). Once I started to feel better I started to really notice that increase in energy level that everyone talks about in the second trimester.

I noticed something cool this week: a slight baby bump. At first I thought I was crazy because I’m a pudgy girl and didn’t expect to see anything noticeable until closer to 16 weeks, but when I lifted my shirt and looked in the mirror I noticed the change. It isn’t enough for someone who didn’t know I was pregnant to notice– I just look like I’m gaining some extra weight in my mid-section, but trust me. It’s awesome timing because when my best friend K and I went to Babies-R-Us to start the registry she talked me into buying some belly stickers. Now like any girl I’m a self conscious of my belly– maybe once it starts to look like a real pregnancy bump I’ll have some more confidence. In the meantime I’m going to take pictures with the stickers on a balloon or something.

The last symptom I want to talk about is my trouble sleeping. I’m already having a really hard time getting comfortable in my dream bed. (We just bought this hybrid gel mattress a month ago, and up until now it has always been the most comfortable bed in the world). I think my pillows are just too flat, and I’m waking up with headaches. So I’ve been researching pregnancy pillows. The one I really wanted is close to 100$ because it is shaped like a U, but I found one for a lot cheaper and the reviews paint a pretty decent picture of the durability of the product. So I think I’m about to bite the bullet and buy the pillow.

The only reason that this is making me nervous is because when I stay with C in eastern Ky we have been staying in our home. Obviously the place is still under major renovations so we have been staying upstairs in the room that will be C’s man-cave. It is super tiny and we are staying on a bed that is bigger than a twin and smaller than a full. I just don’t think that I’m going to be able to sleep there comfortably much longer. It also stinks that the bathroom is downstairs– so that means that the 4 times minimum I wake up in the middle of the night to pee I have to wake C up so I can get past him, make me way slowly downstairs, crawl back into the tiny bed, and try to get comfortable agin. I hate to think that pretty soon I won’t be able to stay with him. We are still at least 2 months away from being ready to move.

Besides symptoms everything else on the pregnancy front has been awesome. Nothing has happened necessarily, I’ve just been organizing and planning and that gives me a real sense of security. It seems crazy to me because I feel like I’m fighting the urge to nest. From what I’ve read women don’t really start nesting until the third trimester, so maybe I’ll get to that point and look back on when I thought I was nesting during the second trimester and laugh– but right now the urge to work on the nursery, go shopping, and clean is nearly overwhelming.

I am desperately wanting to get to Ikea. Unfortunately for us– the nearest Ikea is in West Chester, OH. It’s about 2 hours away from our central Kentucky location. My list of things to buy at Ikea is growing, and I would just go and get the stuff– but C brings up a very good point: We shouldn’t buy furniture before we have a place to put it. Ugh! How dare he make sense! for the nursery I need to get two dressers, a night stand, a bookcase, and then for the living room I need the entertainment stand. Of course I have a few other smaller things on my list too.

Hopefully once we hear the gender (next Thursday!) I will be able to pick a nursery paint color and we can start to get to get it ready. The room has been ready to paint, but I didn’t want to pick a paint color without a gender. Then technically that room will be ready so I might be able to talk C into going to Ikea. 😉

Anyway! Just a week away until we know the gender! I have this feeling Sea Monkey is a girl– I’ve only been looking at girl clothes, and crib bedding sets. I don’t know why I feel this way, but if it is a girl I think I’ve got a ‘theme’ picked out.

Until next week!


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