Old Wives Tales!

Our gender reveal scan is in the morning, so before we go I looked into some of the old wives tales! If we were more settled we might have opted to a gender reveal party, but we couldn’t really wait! I think my 830am ultrasound is late enough! haha. My best friend is coming with us, and I am so glad to share this moment with her. Before I share what Sea Monkey is tomorrow, here are what some of the old wives tales said!

1.Heart rate: Girl (~150 bpm)
2. Carrying high or wide: Girl! (Wide)
3. Acne: Boy (no more acne than usual)
4. Cravings: Boy (I really like salty/sour vs. sweet)
5. Moody or Happy: Boy (Happy for the most part, even C agrees!)
6. Chinese Gender Chart: Girl
7. Dreams are the opposite: Girl (I’ve been dreaming boy, despite feeling like it’s a girl)
8. Graceful or Clumsy: Boy (Super clumsy!)
9. Dad’s weight gain: Boy (Not really gaining any weight)
10. Intuition: Girl (I just have feeling)
11. Areola: Boy (I noticed it was darker awhile back)
12. Dry skin or normal: Boy (Defiantly noticed a major increase in dryness. Lotion is my new BFF)
13. Headaches: Boy (Oy! They have been killer headaches)
14. Pee Color: Boy (Bright yellow!)
15. Baking soda test: Girl (No fizzing)
16. Morning Sickness: Girl (Zofran became my best friend!)
17. Leg hair (ew): Girl (Not growing any faster that I can tell)

Total Tally:
Girl: 8
Boy: 9

Almost Split 50/50…. What will our baby be?

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