Week 16

Week 16 has been a very exciting week. I haven’t had any nausea or vomiting this week, which is really exciting. I’ve been feeling a good increase in energy, and been trying really hard to feel our baby boy move– No dice just yet! 😦 So far I haven’t gained any weight– I’m still losing actually. I’m not sure why, but if my midwife isn’t concerned– I’m not either. I am a little irritated that I’m started to get some stretch marks, when I’m losing weight– but what can you do? Stretch marks are partially genetically linked, and knowing that my mom got them made me feel pretty confident I would get some(more).

On a different note I came back and spend the week in our central Ky home because I needed a really good nights sleep! I’m starting to get to the pillow fort stage of the pregnancy. It’s really helping my lower back pain, and to help me sleep more through the night. Pregnancy insomnia is trying to ruin my sleep, and comfortable pillows is helping a little bit. The other night I woke up for my normal 1-2am restroom break, and usually I’m up for about an hour afterwards, but that night I was up for 6 hours! I was so tired the next day.

My midwife recommended I try a regular body pillow before I spend the crazy amount of money on a pregnancy pillow– and so far it’s working I don’t know if it will work long term, but for now I’m enjoying the 90 dollars I saved.

Now some of the exciting things that happened this week:

I officially have my NCLEX test date! July 21st and 8am. It’s a little farther away than I wanted, but at least it’s not in august. We even have plans to spend a great first wedding anniversary that week afterwards, and then spending the weekend with some friends in Ohio after that. It’ll be a great way to wind down after the stress of the BIGGEST exam I’ve taken in my entire career as a student.

I also bought some maternity clothes. My best friend and I went shopping (something I can not do on my own)– and she helped me get myself a great wardrobe that is comfortable. I first went to OldNavy and I was very disappointed with there limited selection in store. They have a large selection online, and I don’t feel comfortable buying clothes without trying them on. I did manage to find two excellent t-shirts. They fit wonderfully, and are good for summer– but will be easy to layer for the fall.

Then we went to the mall and there was a maternity store. It was expensive, but they were having a sale and they had a pretty impressive clearance rack. I managed to get two pairs of the more comfortable maternity jeans, two dresses, a sweater, and a jacket. It was awesome. I now have clothes that are comfortable, and help me look pregnant (and not just extra fluffy).

I hope that this is at least 90% of the clothes I’m going to need to buy.

Something else exciting is C purchased a truck. We never thought we would be truck people, but this move changed things. I’m still driving our very dependable VW Jetta Sedan, with plans to buy a Honda CRV postponed until I start working after the baby is born, but he as driving his dad’s 97′ Ranger and it was dying! So after weeks we finally made the plunge. He got a great deal on a 2005 Honda Frontier with a crew cab (so it was four doors). I know it won’t be our primary family car, but it’s good to have four doors because at some point I’m sure we’ll all be inside of it. It’s pretty, and runs like a champ. CarMax made buying the truck a great experience.

The cherry to the perfect week was my birthday! At first I thought C forgot about my birthday, but in fact he surprised me by taking me to the zoo! I loooove the zoo, and it was a great day. Afterwards we went to the Cheescake Factory! I’ve never been before, and it was awesome! The cheesecake (that I had to get to-go, because I was stuffed to the gills) was amazing. We got an early start so it didn’t get too hot before we were done, and C made sure that I took breaks in the shade frequently– even when I felt perfectly fine. It was a great birthday!

Quick update on the house: The electrical is almost completely updated, all of the windows are installed, the closet in the master is studded, and drywall is being hung! C tells me it was a very busy week!– Which is why he can only stay two nights with me here and he’s back to eastern Ky. We’ve got our fingers crossed that we can be move in ready by September 1st!

It’s been a great week, and I’m even more excited for the weeks to come. 🙂




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