Planning Hubby’s Birthday

My husband’s birthday is a few weeks away, and he never gives me any hints about what he wants. I love to plan surprises and such for things like birthday and holidays, because I love watching him have a good time just for him. So this year is no different, and if anything I want him to have an especially great birthday because this is a big year. Not only is this is his last birthday before our son gets here, but also this is the first birthday he will celebrate without his father. His dad’s birthday is also just a few days after his.

So I’ve been debating and thinking about what to do for him for a few weeks already, and I’ve been fishing for hints. He wouldn’t throw a girl a bone! So last night when I was taking a break from studying for NCLEX the perfect idea hit me!

C has been talking about some production that is put on in an amphitheater. I could vaguely remember it, but not well enough. So I googled ‘Kentucky Outdoor Amphitheater’ and I found a list of them. I was reading through the descriptions trying to find one that sparked a memory, and the last one on the list did just that! It’s an outdoor theater that puts on a production called The Stephen Foster Story. I don’t know the specifics, but I know that C went once and he has talked about it before and his desire to go and take me.


I got lucky enough that there was a showing of it the saturday before his birthday. So I booked two tickets. I was thinking that was going to be the BIG event. Then I started looking for restaurants in the area. There are several really awesome restaurants with a historical/fancy vibe, and I thought we would enjoy a meal at one of these before the show starts at 8:30pm. This idea changed when I saw the Old Kentucky Dinner Train is literally less than 5 minutes away from the amphitheater.



We’ve also been talking about going to this dinner train for ages! It’s pricy and the timing never seemed right. So I looked and SURE ENOUGH they still had tickets for the 5pm reservation on that same saturday. The whole dinner train experience is about 2.5 hours long, which gives us plenty of time to enjoy a wonderful meal, and make it to the theatre for the show. I know what C likes as far as food choices go– So I even feel confident that I picked a dinner he will really enjoy. The only thing I wished I did was tell them it was for his birthday so they would sing to him, but I know he actually hates that so I refrained. I’ll make sure to have him a special gift/card ahead of time.

The town where all of this is taking place is about an hour away, so it’ll be a fun mini road trip for us too.

The hardest part of this entire thing is now that it is all booked all my husband knows is that on that saturday I have plans for him. He doesn’t know any of it and I want to keep it that way. I’m not great at keeping secrets, but because I’m super impressed with this whole plan I hope that this time will be different and I can keep a secret.

I can’t wait to take pictures and document this birthday. It’s going to be spectacular.


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