Week 20

Wow! Week 20 was a big week. 🙂

First things first I felt our son move with 100% certainty for the first time. I think I had felt him prior to that, but I couldn’t be sure. Now I’m sure. He loves to go crazy around 1030pm. I’ve been touching my stomach to see if I can feel him on the outside so C can feel him, and no luck on that just yet. I’m a little too chubby for that to be felt just yet.

Secondly. I took my NCLEX-RN on Monday and had to wait just over 24 hours for my results (agonizing!!)– but I passed and I am officially a registered nurse in the state of KY. We’ve decided to wait for me to go to work until after our son is here, but now that I have my license I want to work so bad! I’m so proud of myself and this accomplishment. I can not wait to go to work and help C provide for our family. This just puts me one step closer to my dream career as a midwife.

So far I have not gained any weight. I was ‘Up’ at my last appointment, but still 3 pounds from pre-pregnancy, and now I’m down another 2. I don’t understand how. I haven’t been sick. I’ve been eating well. My midwife didn’t seem concerned, but at this point I’m at 20.5 weeks pregnant and I am still 5 pounds away from prepregnancy.

I was larger when I got pregnant, and made all of the changes needed to give our son the best nutrients: cutting out the crap, and eating good food. My midwife said that when an overweight person makes the healthy switch, even if they are eating enough, it takes awhile for the body to balance out.

My pregnancy symptoms are about the same: awful lower back pain, sciatica pain down my leg, and bloating/gas. I do have some new additions, the first is my old friend constipation. I struggled with this in the first trimester, and after making the needed dietary changes and eating prunes when it had been a few days, I didn’t have the problem anymore. Unfortunately it’s back. I’ll try the prunes in again in a day or two.

I’ve also been experiencing a little bit of heartburn. I’ve never had heartburn before, but I find that eating smaller and more frequent meals, limiting my acidic intake (tomatoes, lemonade, etc), and sitting up for at least an hour after my meals— keeps it at bay. I’ll stay on top of those and see if it helps.

That is pretty much it for week 20. I’m excited for movement to get stronger, and my bump to grow.


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