Thanksgiving Dinner in July

One of my favorite meals is from Bob Evans– The slow roasted turkey dinner. Holy cow, this meal is seriously delicious! It’s slow roasted turkey served over dressing, with mashed potatoes, baby carrots, cranberry relish… and of course some gravy! If you order it while the pumpkin bread is in season you are in for a treat! I love this meal no matter the season. I love it so much that I’ve often wanted to make it at home.

Just last week I was complaining to my grandmother that I was annoyed that it is impossible to find a turkey breast outside of October and November. Then the day before yesterday I was scanning my weekly grocery ads and saw that Kroger had bone-in turkey breast on sale for .99lb! So hubby and I hit the store and bought 2, because they are limited to 2 per customer. Then while surfing Pinterest I saw a pin for slow-cooker turkey breast. I immediately took one of those breasts out of the deep freezer and set it in the fridge to thaw.

Source linked to image!

Source linked to image!

This morning I woke up and got my breast ready. The only thing I did differently from the above recipe was to smear some butter into crockpot, and under the skin of the breast. Then I just rubbed in the onion soup mix, plopped it into the crock and covered it up. (My breast was 7.5lbs, and my lid would not fit so I had to tightly wrap several layers of aluminum foil over it and poke a hole it to seal it up). 7 hours later it was fall off the bone tender!

I made the rest of the thanksgiving favorites, by using their instant versions: stovetop stuffing, Idaho baby reds mashed potatoes, frozen corn, and frozen yeast rolls. The turkey came with a gravy pack, I just added some of the juice from my turkey into the gravy with some corn starch and it was divine! I wish I thought to snap a few pictures for you. Just trust me– It was amazing and we will have left overs for days!

About an hour later I was feeling like baking so I scoured some of my pinned sweet recipes. Sure enough I came across a pumpkin crumb cake recipe I pinned ages ago. Since I had everything in my pantry that I needed hubby helped me whisk it together. It’s in the oven now and I hope it turns out as delicious as it smells. *I’ll let you know!

Source linked to image!

Source linked to image!

So basically I made a thanksgiving dinner in July. I love to cook, and I genuinely love to try new recipes from Pinterest and other sources. I’m so glad that hubby was in town and got to enjoy this meal with me. Lately it seems when I try a new recipe (and it’s not a flop) he’s 90 miles away and can only hear about via some bragging text messages.

Days like today: lazy but productive, are my favorite.

Happy Saturday, everyone!


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