Thank you Target!

Target is currently having a huge sale in their baby department (at least in my area). I managed to talk hubby into bending his spending rule for the baby– Which is basically only spending 20-50$ on the baby at a time until after the baby showers.

To start off with I moved my Walmart registry over to Target a few days ago, after I did a trial run at Walmart. They have an awful registry process. Yes they run cheaper most of the time, but it doesn’t help if no one can find anything. As it turned out: Target matched most of Walmarts prices anyway, and in case they don’t– you can price match them with your smart phone.

When I was making the change I saw that Target had the PackN’Play that I wanted (but didn’t register for– opting for a model that was 50$ cheaper) for the same price as the one I was currently registered for at BabiesRUs. I quickly registered for that one, and deleted the other.

Then I get on my Target iPad app today and they have another 15% off of that PackN’Play! So I managed to save nearly 60$ and get the one I really wanted, rather than the one I was settling for. I purchased that online, and I can’t wait for it to get here. Hubby was very impressed with my savings.


Upon closer examination of their ad I saw that the sale was not just on that, but everywhere in baby. I showed C the ad that had the MomaRoo priced as normal (219.00), but when you purchased it you got a 40$ gift card to target. We had discussed wanting one, but we decided not to register for it because they were expensive and it was a luxury item. However, that 40$ gift card was a great deal, and we decided to go ahead and buy it.



Once we got to the store I also picked up my free goody bag that you get for starting a registry with them (a bottle and pacifier were included in this), and quickly swiped the last MomaRoo off the shelf. I decided to look around some more. They had their 10-pack of baby hangers on sale for 1.02$. BabiesRUs was charging 2.99$. I grabbed every blue pack they had– 8 packs total. I also saw that with the purchase of 3 pampers giant packs you got a 25$ gift card. A quick search to make sure that they didn’t raise the price of the diapers for the sale made this a no brainer! Unfortunately the diaper aisle took a beating for the sale and there were no Newborn of size 1, so we purchased 2 boxes of size 2 and one box of size 3.




On our way out of the store we stopped to look at their carpet shampooers, because I still have a few rooms to finish here and ours died. (Side note: C is normally the person who shampoos the carpet– he seriously loves it and does it all the time, but I’m taking it over since he’s been out of town). Turns out they had the one we wanted on sale for 30$ off original price, and we used our 65$ in gift cards towards it as well. Cha-Ching!


Oh boy! I’m so excited with the savings and I wish I had more freedom to shop, but I know I need to be patient. I didn’t even use the 5$ off 20$ of carters clothes, but trust me I wanted to. I wanted to buy every Halo Sleepsack, SummerInfant SwaddleMe, and toy they had on sale– but looking at our two carts bursting at the seams I called it quits. We got some amazing deals, and not having been a Target shopper before– I’ve been converted. I was very impressed with their selection and the helpful staff.

Overall today was a very good day. 🙂


Week 25

Where to begin?!

This week has been busy, but before I talk about everything that happened, let’s focus on the pregnancy related things– no new symptoms, still just the same awful back pain, gas/bloat, acne, stretch marks, etc. Baby boy is getting much bigger and I am really starting to feel pregnant. His kicks are constantly causing movement on the outside that you can see and feel.

I am continuing to get stretch marks, and while I still to use lotion– I know I can’t stop them. I’m going to embrace them as a change for the better. Stretch marks means my belly is growing with a healthy pregnancy and I can’t think more positive than that. My husband’s cousin and his wife just lost their baby and she was about as far along as I was. I can’t imagine the grief that they are suffering from. It has really made me appreciate all of my pregnancy symptoms for what they are: signs that my pregnancy is continuing without complications.

I have also noticed my sweet tooth is getting stronger, but I’m trying to satisfy it with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. The blood sugar test is looming on the horizon and I need to think about my health and my baby’s health. I’m not always successful and I did eat 2 canned cinnamon rolls, but they were yummy! Otherwise I’ve been good at sticking to the good foods.

My weight is officially +2 lbs from prepregnancy. I’m gaining all of my ‘weight’ and growth right in my tummy, and the bridesmaid dress I tried on a month ago that was huge on me– it’s snug! Another bridesmaid was having issues with her dress to so we went to David’s bridal. They ordered my dress another 2 sizes up, and said that they can pull it in where its needed up to a week before the wedding!

On the same day as that my best friend and I went it scope out the baby shower location and put down the deposit. She is throwing my shower for me, but because of my move and her living situation we didn’t know where she could host it. Most of our audience will be in central Ky so it makes sense to throw it here. After lots of digging I found a hotel that had a meeting space that rented out for a reasonable price. It is still a bit of an expense (but we simply couldn’t find an alternative) so I offered to help with the venue since she is taking on so much else. Now that the date for that is set I’m in the final stages of making sure the registry is AOK too.

I also made our 4D ultrasound appointment, and we scored an amazing deal. They were running a special in August, and even though I made the appointment for September 17th, because I made it in August we are getting the same rate. Not only is the session at least 45 minutes long, where most others are 15-20 minutes, but they also give you 25-30 full color images on a disk and 6 full color pictures printed as 4″x6″. Many of the other places only gave you 4-6 photos total. They were about 15$ more than the others, but it was such a better value! We are also adding a DVD for an extra 15$, and C is going to make copies for those who want one.

While the studio can accommodate up to 7 people, we only invited my mom and his mom– that way no one would feel left out if we said we were only doing the moms. I don’t know for sure if they are even going to come, but I wanted them to have the option. My mom has been saying she feels very disconnected from my pregnancy (and this is a huge topic in and of itself), so I’m trying to extend a hand to her. It’s hard because we have a rocky past– but I’m trying here.

I made the appointment on the same day we have our breastfeeding class, so that way C would already be in town and wouldn’t have to make two trips. It’s just crazy that we have the 4D ultrasound, the breastfeeding class, and the baby shower all on the horizon! Plus everything with this move.

I’ve spent the rest of this week deep cleaning the central Ky house so that it’s ready for showings. Thankfully my maternity support belt came in, and I I’ve noticed some HUGE improvement in my back pain while I was working. The big test was when C and I went to a local festival on Friday. We walked around a lot and then watched a local football game. By the end of the day I wasn’t sore like I was after my all day outings before. So I really recommend this thing to anyone else who is also experiencing significant pregnancy related back pain. It doesn’t help with the sciatic back pain, but it does help a lot with the other back pain.

In other pregnancy news C’s cousin gave birth to her baby boy! He’s healthy and beautiful and I can’t wait to meet him. It makes me feel so good that our son will have a cousin who is just a few months older than him to grow up with. I grew up with a cousin and we were raised practically as brother and sister, and since C and I only plan on having one child– I hope that he can enjoy the same perk with his cousin.

Overall it was a happy, busy, and productive week– but that was good because I didn’t have a lot of time to sit around and miss my husband. Then we iced the week off going to a festival and a football game, and the cherry is that C is here with me this weekend because he’s helping out at his old job for the busy holiday. So that is an added bonus for an already pretty awesome week.

Here is to hoping the next few weeks pass in the same blissful blur!


Taking inventory…

I’m sure I’m not alone in my constant worry about having everything we need for our son in time. I’m constantly wanting to go to the store and start shopping off of my own registry, because at 25 weeks pregnant– Our son could been here as soon as 12 weeks. My husband is very good at walking that fine line of encouraging me to shop within reason (because telling a pregnant woman NOT to buy anything for her baby is pointless), and keeping me from going overboard.

I may have mentioned in the past that on my side of the family I’m the only one who has been pregnant this decade, so I’m not expecting a lot of hand-me-downs. My husband has to remind me that on his side of the family that is not the case and we are going to lucky enough to be given many hand-me-downs from his uncle, whose own son is 18 months old. We also have our baby shower(s).

When I start to get anxious I take inventory of everything we’ve got for him so far, and it makes me feel better.

As of right now here is what we have:

Boppy Pillow
A small collection of books
Crib Bedding Set
Baby Blanket
60+ pairs of baby socks
10 pairs of baby shoes
50+ Baby outfits Newborn-9months
2 sleep sacks 0-9months
Several different baby bottles (free from gift bags)
Hand-Me-Down swing (Thank you!)
Hand-Me-Down walker (Thank you!)

The brown paper bag also is housing a lot of baby clothes I don't have hangers for just yet. The pampers box is full of socks and shoes.

The brown paper bag also is housing a lot of baby clothes I don’t have hangers for just yet. The pampers box is full of socks and shoes.


These are some outfits I've purchased on clearance.

These are some outfits I’ve purchased on clearance.


MY Halo Bassinest. So excited for this!

MY Halo Bassinest. So excited for this!

When I quantify it– I feel better! I know that we’ve accumulated more than I had originally thought and that is comforting. My glider had been discontinued before we purchased it, so we’ve been shopping around for one. I’ve got very specific wishes for a glider so it’s taking some time. We also have plans to get to IKEA and purchase the dresser, bookshelf, and end table. My insurance covers a breast pump and I’ve already been taking the steps to make sure I’ve got it before he arrives that way I an begin pumping ASAP! I will be looking for work and hope to have a job within 12-16 weeks after he’s born, and I need a good supply at home for him to eat while I’m working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I’ve also been promised a huge supply of baby clothes from C’s grandmother and uncle.

We still have a long way to go– But we’re making progress.


Pregnancy aches and pains…

Wow. These past few weeks have flown by and I don’t see my life slowing down any time soon.

We’ve given our notice at our current rental, and though the lease only requires a 30 day notice, we gave 60– What we didn’t expect is that they planned on having showings of the house before we moved out. So while I was out of town I got a phone call saying they had a showing of the house scheduled for Sunday and we needed to vacate the house for a few hours.

Between living in two cities during this renovation, normal pregnancy aches and pains, and everything else we have going on– I haven’t been keeping the house in the best shape. Now! My house is perfectly clean, and I would feel comfortable having friends over– but it is not the type of clean perspective renters are expecting– My tub hasn’t been scrubbed in over a month, and (should I be embarrassed to admit this?) I’ve never once touched my baseboards.

Luckily our rental company was understanding and agreed to hold off showings for another week. I’m going to spend the week here picking up clutter, and then have a cleaning service come in to help with some of the fine details that it’s just too hard for me to do.

The back pain I’ve been talking about the last few weeks… I may have been understating how terrible it really is. Sometimes I get out of bed and it takes me nearly a full minute for the pain to subside enough for me to even begin walking; it shoots down my legs and several times it was so bad my legs nearly gave out. I’m having a combination of sciatica pain down my right side, and a completely different kind of pain centralized in my lower back.

Sometimes a heating pad will help, but more often it doesn’t. I have a painful time walking around, getting in and out of cars, etc. I’m only 25 weeks— so I’m incredibly nervous for what the rest of my pregnancy holds for me. Other than the back pain all of my other symptoms continue to be VERY mild, especially since the extreme nausea that plagued me for all of my first trimester and half of my second trimester has subsided.

This back pain makes it nearly impossible for me to go around on my hands and knees and scrub the baseboards or do some of the fine cleaning that I need to get done– hence the cleaning service. C has been offering to hire a cleaning service for me, and I’ve been so hesitant because it feels like I should be able to do this stuff– I’m not working, and I’m only 25 weeks pregnant. I’m ashamed that I can’t keep up. I haven’t really talked about too much to my midwife, because I just assumed it was normal pregnancy aches and pains and I needed to suck it up– but the more difficult it becomes the more I think I might need to seek alternative forms of treatment: physical therapy, chiropractor, etc.

I’m also struggling with another type of pregnancy pain, and that is living in two cities 90 miles away. Most of the time I am not with my husband, and let me tell you– I really, really, miss my husband. And when I’m with him and we’re together out of town– we miss our dog. I miss our beautiful little family of three. The more I think about it, the more upset I get– because this pregnancy is our last chance to enjoy spending time as just the two of us, and we will have spent 7 of those 9 months essentially living apart. We’ve always been strong independent people, and we thrive on our alone time just as much as we do on our time together– but 7 months is just too much.

I cry all the time when I’m not with him. Even if we were together we would just be lounging on the couch with my feet in his lap, reading our nooks, sharing no words– but we would be together. I knew these renovations wouldn’t be short, and that this was the best move for our family, but I underestimated how much it would hurt.

We are in the home stretch! I’m trying to stay positive, and stay strong, because when I let my husband see how sad I am when he leaves– it breaks his heart and makes him feel guilty that he can’t be in two places at once. I know he is doing everything he can to get our home ready for our family so that we can be together in a stable, and potentially forever home. Just a few more weeks and this painful piece of our lives will be done, and we can enjoy the rest of our pregnancy in the peace of our new home, and then begin the most exciting chapter of our lives: our lives as parents.




Week 23 & 24

Oops! I didn’t even know I missed a weekly update until I I started to write this post for week 24 and realized that there was no week 23. Things have been very hectic around here, so that makes sense. To make this more concise I’m going to use the survey I was originally doing at the beginning of my pregnancy. I’ll try to get back into the swing of my updates. I’m getting to the point in my pregnancy where I simultaneously want to remember everything, but blogging is the last thing on my to-do list.

We’ve turned in our notice to our property management team, and our official ‘move out’ date for our home in central KY is September 30th, but we hope to be out by mid-september. Things are really speeding along!!

How far along: Currently I’m 24 weeks and 5 days, but this update is for weeks 23 and 24.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my prenatal appointment last week I got back up to my pre pregnancy weight, and passed it by 1.2pounds. So I’m going to say +1.2 pounds for now. Next week I’ll have my scale and can hopefully update more accurately.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I am loving my maternity jeans. I can’t wear my pre pregnancy pants anymore (except my ‘comfy’ pants; i.e.: pajamas, yoga pants, leggings, etc.) I’ve only got two pairs of maternity jeans I got on sale, and I’ve been debating buying a few more pairs. I know they are expensive, but I hate not having anything cute to wear. 

Stretch marks: I’ve been using Burts Bees belly butter, but I am starting to see some new stretch marks in the last week or two. 😦

Sleep: I wake up 4-5 times a night to roll onto my opposite side because my arms fall asleep, but I’ve mastered the pillow fort (and my husband has mastered it to!), so it’s not too hard to get comfortable. I also get really sleepy around 1pm everyday, and usually take a nap.

Best moment last week: (in the last two weeks I’ve got a few moments.) 1. I finally grabbed hubby’s hand in time for him to feel our boy kick! 2. I was hugging my hubby from behind, and our boy kicked his dad right in the butt. It was so cute! 3. We bought some books to start building our son’s library, and hubby picked out one that he is positive is going to his favorite. 4. My hubbys birthday surprise went out without a hitch (*more about this later!) 5. Everything looked great at my last appointment. My Rh factor doesn’t require an injection, and our next visit on September 12th is my glucose tolerance test, and my LAST appointment before we go to bi-weekly appointments. Eeek! We are freakishly close to the third trimester. 

Movement: Oh my gosh, yes! I felt him move for the first time on the day we were 20 weeks, and now I feel him all the time, even on the outside of my stomach. It’s amazing. 

Food cravings: Fresh food: fruits, salads, etc. I’m really not ‘craving’ greasy or sweet foods.

Gender: Bouncing bubbly baby BOY!

Labor signs: No barxton hicks or anything that I’m aware of. I had some SUPER MINOR cramping, so minor I’m not even sure you could call it cramping– I was a little dehydrated so I drank a ton of water and laid on my left side for awhile and it stopped, and hasn’t happened again. My midwife told me to just monitor it, but she didn’t seem concerned. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: My lower back pain has been awful!!! I can hardly walk around walmart without severe discomfort. I think it is a combination of the added weight of my stomach, the relaxin hormone, and some small exacerbation from the fact that I already had a weak back — I’ve either pulled the muscles in my back twice, or had a pinched nerve– either way, in the last 3 years it’s ‘went out’ twice. On top of the aching of my back, I’ve also got sciatic nerve pain. They are 2 completely different pains. Not much else other than that: continuous burping/gas, very minor heartburn, some acne, fatigue, and minimal swelling in my feet (only when I’m on my feet all day). Overall I’m a pretty happy pregnant lady.

Belly button: Still totally in, but I have noticed it feels less deep.

What I miss: Currently it’s pumpkin beer. Ugh!

What I am looking forward to: 1. Getting the gestational diabetes screening over with (with hopefully good results), scheduling our 4D ultrasound, and getting to IKEA to get some furniture for the nursery. We’ve been trying to get to IKEA, but they are over an hour away and we’ve been getting so much rain we want to wait– we’ll be bringing our stuff back in a truck and don’t want it to get wet.

Milestones: Week 24 was feeling the movement on the outside of my belly. 



Week 22 (It’s a little bit late…)

This past week has been very busy so forgive me as I try to keep this post organized and cover all of the excitement!

On the pregnancy front this past week has been filled with much of the same symptoms. The only new additions is my anxiety is rising, and I noticed some VERY minimal swelling in my fingers and toes.

I’m hoping the swelling is what is to blame for my recent 5 pound weight gain– because I would totally own up to overeating, and I have not eaten enough to gain 5 pounds. Of course all of my pregnancy applications are telling me that weight gain is going to come on steadily from here on out. I guess a girl can’t go her entire pregnancy without any weight gain. haha. The only reason I even noticed the swelling is because I was on my feet a lot this week, and my normally bony feet were not bony, and I could tell my loose wedding band was getting significantly less loose. My feet were not sore, or crazy large. I hope I don’t have a ton of swelling, but I’ll take it if it comes.

I’m still enjoy feeling my son move, and I’m still burping every 30 seconds. My back is more sore than usual, but I think that is because of the very hectic past few days I’ve had. My skin is breaking out some, and my belly is growing. All normal and healthy pregnancy symptoms. I’ve still been craving fresh fruit, greek yogurt, and banana bread. So no complaints here on any of these.

While my anxiety is not a pregnancy symptom, it is a symptom of my pregnancy– if that makes any sense. As the weeks tick off, and my son grows larger I find myself getting very anxious about all of the potential dangers. My first big concern is gestational diabetes. My test for that is about 5 weeks away, and because I’m overweight and my mother had it with both of my sisters– I know I have a bigger chance of having it compared to others. I also know that I’ve been pretty good with my diet and I hope that is enough to keep us both healthy.

I’ve also been doing some reading about what to expect postpartum and the topic of ‘postpartum depression’ is coming up a lot. While I’ve never suffered from depression (only anxiety, and a mild case of OCD– neither of which I need medication to control), I’m so scared of developing postpartum depression. My mother had severe postpartum depression, nearly postpartum psychosis, and it drove her to attempt to take her own life only 9 months after my sister was born. I know that I have a wonderful husband who will be there to support me, as well as an amazing family– and even if I miss the symptoms, they will help me take care of myself (if I were to develop postpartum depression), it still makes me nervous. We are moving, 90 miles away from the city I’ve called home for the last decade, and 90 miles away from all of my friends, and I worry that I’m going to feel isolated and lonely and make me even more prone.

I hate that postpartum depression isn’t talked about enough, or given the attention it deserves. People expect moms to be so filled with total bliss that they don’t have a chance to be sad. For some women that is the case, but for others the whirlwind of hormones, and the major directional changes their life has recently went under– it is enough to mute the bliss of their new addition. Mom’s who suffer from postpartum depression did nothing wrong, they are clinically sick and just need time to heal and potentially medical intervention.

My anxiety is leading me to compulsive tendencies. It is such a scary thought to think that I’m doing everything I can to take care of my son the only ways I can: eating right, exercising, avoiding all the danger foods and medicines, and taking it easy. There are dangers that I can not protect him from and that scares me. I find myself focusing obsessively on his movements, trying to make sure he is staying as active as he is supposed to. I know in general most women do this without a second thought, but I have this fear the second I stop focusing and trying to feel him will be the second something goes wrong. I stop and focus and count his movements, and can’t relax until I’ve felt him move X amount of times, or listened to his heart rate on my own doppler.

I realize that I just spilled a bunch of DARK and SCARY and SAD things that my anxiety is making it impossible to ignore, but I always said that this blog was about the good, the bad, and the ugly– but I also want to make sure that despite having so many fears I am still enjoying my pregnancy. I am enjoying the time my husband and I have alone, the ease at which I can go out with my friends, the special time that I can share with my son between just the two of us. I’m also enjoying my growing belly, folding baby socks, and those punches and kicks at all hours of the day. It’s just hard to focus on ONLY the good, despite how much I want to.

Am I crazy, or do other women feel this way, too?

This week has been busy with more than just baby stuff.

My best friend’s birthday was at the end go July but our plans were delayed until this past week. We started off with a day at the zoo, an evening at the casino, and an amazing dinner at a small restaurant neither of us had ever been to. The next day we drove nearly two hours to a very small water park where we only managed to enjoy about an hour-and-a-half in the wave pool and the lazy river, before we both fell asleep on the lawn chairs and by the time we woke up it was 5pm and we needed to head back home. Despite the fact that we didn’t get to enjoy too much time in the water we had an amazing few days.

My friend and I at the casino for her birthday!

My friend and I at the casino for her birthday!

Then on Friday I’m spent the day with my husband, mother-in-law, and her husband on a highway yardsale that spans for several hundred miles. It was a long day and by the end of it I found myself skipping booths so I could sit down and relax. I did manage to find some amazing vintage pyrex mixing bowls, a rolling pin, and some baby shoes.

Then just yesterday (yes, by then I was technically 23 weeks) C’s grandmother gave me a box of over 60 pairs of baby socks, and 8 pairs of baby shoes. I was so touched by the gesture, and thankful for the gift (do you know how expensive baby socks are?). They are hand-me-downs from C’s baby cousin who is about 18 months old. I was also told that they have a ton of clothes for my son, enough that when she heard I was shopping for clothes she urged me not to. Apparently I’m going to have more than enough in that department. Considering I have no one on my side of the family who has recently had any children, I didn’t expect to get a lot of hand-me-downs.

So wow– this week has been crazy busy, and filled with a lot– But it’s good to write it all down and remember this one day when I’m looking back on it.



Week 21

Week 21 has been pretty uneventful. I’ve been enjoying the sensation of my son kicking/punching, and I’ve been able to notice that they definitely feel stronger than when I felt him for the first time last Saturday. Maybe what I am perceiving as an increase in strength is just an increase in awareness. Either way it is an amazing thing, and so far my favorite part of the entire pregnancy experience.

Other than that and the same symptoms from the past few weeks (gas/bloat, back pain, heartburn, etc) there hasn’t been any new symptoms. I have gained almost a pound, but I am still several pounds below pre pregnancy, but I think that by the time I go in for my next appointment I will be at least at my pre pregnancy weight. We shall see in about 2 weeks.

Something else– I’ve been craving healthy foods: greek yogurt with honey or fruit, salad, apples, etc. Don’t get me wrong– I’ve had the occasional craving for sweets (doughnuts, cake, etc), but since I’m usually to lazy to out out and satisfy the craving (and since C is 90 miles away and unable to make 3am trips to the store) the craving usually goes unsatisfied. Then by some wicked twist of fate by the time I get the energy to go out I want healthy things. None of this is bad, just interesting.

Also, my dreams have been really bizarre. Nothing in particular is sticking out to mention, but just know they are very vivid and interesting and make absolutely no sense outside of dream world. I’ve read a few articles on why pregnant women have such vivid dreams, and I defiantly think it has to do with a combination of exhaustion (therefore deep sleep), and constant bathroom urges (to end one dream, an start another). It’s kind of a cool pregnancy thing.

On the renovation mayhem topic– The nursery did not have a closet, so we built in two closets on either side of the window. These have been built for awhile, but the closet doors just got hung and they changed the entire look of his room. We also ordered the carpet for the room, and as soon as that goes in the room will be done with renovations and be ready to be filled with things! In celebration of this I just ordered our crib. I had a great coupon that I combined with a sale price and I saved over 175$! I’ll take it. Now I have two piece of furniture: bassinet and the crib. Ikea will finish the nursery furniture, and we aren’t making that trip for a few more weeks. So this will be in for now.

Like I said, not much going on this week. I’m enjoying the calm!