Week 21

Week 21 has been pretty uneventful. I’ve been enjoying the sensation of my son kicking/punching, and I’ve been able to notice that they definitely feel stronger than when I felt him for the first time last Saturday. Maybe what I am perceiving as an increase in strength is just an increase in awareness. Either way it is an amazing thing, and so far my favorite part of the entire pregnancy experience.

Other than that and the same symptoms from the past few weeks (gas/bloat, back pain, heartburn, etc) there hasn’t been any new symptoms. I have gained almost a pound, but I am still several pounds below pre pregnancy, but I think that by the time I go in for my next appointment I will be at least at my pre pregnancy weight. We shall see in about 2 weeks.

Something else– I’ve been craving healthy foods: greek yogurt with honey or fruit, salad, apples, etc. Don’t get me wrong– I’ve had the occasional craving for sweets (doughnuts, cake, etc), but since I’m usually to lazy to out out and satisfy the craving (and since C is 90 miles away and unable to make 3am trips to the store) the craving usually goes unsatisfied. Then by some wicked twist of fate by the time I get the energy to go out I want healthy things. None of this is bad, just interesting.

Also, my dreams have been really bizarre. Nothing in particular is sticking out to mention, but just know they are very vivid and interesting and make absolutely no sense outside of dream world. I’ve read a few articles on why pregnant women have such vivid dreams, and I defiantly think it has to do with a combination of exhaustion (therefore deep sleep), and constant bathroom urges (to end one dream, an start another). It’s kind of a cool pregnancy thing.

On the renovation mayhem topic– The nursery did not have a closet, so we built in two closets on either side of the window. These have been built for awhile, but the closet doors just got hung and they changed the entire look of his room. We also ordered the carpet for the room, and as soon as that goes in the room will be done with renovations and be ready to be filled with things! In celebration of this I just ordered our crib. I had a great coupon that I combined with a sale price and I saved over 175$! I’ll take it. Now I have two piece of furniture: bassinet and the crib. Ikea will finish the nursery furniture, and we aren’t making that trip for a few more weeks. So this will be in for now.

Like I said, not much going on this week. I’m enjoying the calm!



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