Week 23 & 24

Oops! I didn’t even know I missed a weekly update until I I started to write this post for week 24 and realized that there was no week 23. Things have been very hectic around here, so that makes sense. To make this more concise I’m going to use the survey I was originally doing at the beginning of my pregnancy. I’ll try to get back into the swing of my updates. I’m getting to the point in my pregnancy where I simultaneously want to remember everything, but blogging is the last thing on my to-do list.

We’ve turned in our notice to our property management team, and our official ‘move out’ date for our home in central KY is September 30th, but we hope to be out by mid-september. Things are really speeding along!!

How far along: Currently I’m 24 weeks and 5 days, but this update is for weeks 23 and 24.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: At my prenatal appointment last week I got back up to my pre pregnancy weight, and passed it by 1.2pounds. So I’m going to say +1.2 pounds for now. Next week I’ll have my scale and can hopefully update more accurately.

Maternity clothes: Yes! I am loving my maternity jeans. I can’t wear my pre pregnancy pants anymore (except my ‘comfy’ pants; i.e.: pajamas, yoga pants, leggings, etc.) I’ve only got two pairs of maternity jeans I got on sale, and I’ve been debating buying a few more pairs. I know they are expensive, but I hate not having anything cute to wear. 

Stretch marks: I’ve been using Burts Bees belly butter, but I am starting to see some new stretch marks in the last week or two. 😦

Sleep: I wake up 4-5 times a night to roll onto my opposite side because my arms fall asleep, but I’ve mastered the pillow fort (and my husband has mastered it to!), so it’s not too hard to get comfortable. I also get really sleepy around 1pm everyday, and usually take a nap.

Best moment last week: (in the last two weeks I’ve got a few moments.) 1. I finally grabbed hubby’s hand in time for him to feel our boy kick! 2. I was hugging my hubby from behind, and our boy kicked his dad right in the butt. It was so cute! 3. We bought some books to start building our son’s library, and hubby picked out one that he is positive is going to his favorite. 4. My hubbys birthday surprise went out without a hitch (*more about this later!) 5. Everything looked great at my last appointment. My Rh factor doesn’t require an injection, and our next visit on September 12th is my glucose tolerance test, and my LAST appointment before we go to bi-weekly appointments. Eeek! We are freakishly close to the third trimester. 

Movement: Oh my gosh, yes! I felt him move for the first time on the day we were 20 weeks, and now I feel him all the time, even on the outside of my stomach. It’s amazing. 

Food cravings: Fresh food: fruits, salads, etc. I’m really not ‘craving’ greasy or sweet foods.

Gender: Bouncing bubbly baby BOY!

Labor signs: No barxton hicks or anything that I’m aware of. I had some SUPER MINOR cramping, so minor I’m not even sure you could call it cramping– I was a little dehydrated so I drank a ton of water and laid on my left side for awhile and it stopped, and hasn’t happened again. My midwife told me to just monitor it, but she didn’t seem concerned. 

Pregnancy Symptoms: My lower back pain has been awful!!! I can hardly walk around walmart without severe discomfort. I think it is a combination of the added weight of my stomach, the relaxin hormone, and some small exacerbation from the fact that I already had a weak back — I’ve either pulled the muscles in my back twice, or had a pinched nerve– either way, in the last 3 years it’s ‘went out’ twice. On top of the aching of my back, I’ve also got sciatic nerve pain. They are 2 completely different pains. Not much else other than that: continuous burping/gas, very minor heartburn, some acne, fatigue, and minimal swelling in my feet (only when I’m on my feet all day). Overall I’m a pretty happy pregnant lady.

Belly button: Still totally in, but I have noticed it feels less deep.

What I miss: Currently it’s pumpkin beer. Ugh!

What I am looking forward to: 1. Getting the gestational diabetes screening over with (with hopefully good results), scheduling our 4D ultrasound, and getting to IKEA to get some furniture for the nursery. We’ve been trying to get to IKEA, but they are over an hour away and we’ve been getting so much rain we want to wait– we’ll be bringing our stuff back in a truck and don’t want it to get wet.

Milestones: Week 24 was feeling the movement on the outside of my belly. 



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