Taking inventory…

I’m sure I’m not alone in my constant worry about having everything we need for our son in time. I’m constantly wanting to go to the store and start shopping off of my own registry, because at 25 weeks pregnant– Our son could been here as soon as 12 weeks. My husband is very good at walking that fine line of encouraging me to shop within reason (because telling a pregnant woman NOT to buy anything for her baby is pointless), and keeping me from going overboard.

I may have mentioned in the past that on my side of the family I’m the only one who has been pregnant this decade, so I’m not expecting a lot of hand-me-downs. My husband has to remind me that on his side of the family that is not the case and we are going to lucky enough to be given many hand-me-downs from his uncle, whose own son is 18 months old. We also have our baby shower(s).

When I start to get anxious I take inventory of everything we’ve got for him so far, and it makes me feel better.

As of right now here is what we have:

Boppy Pillow
A small collection of books
Crib Bedding Set
Baby Blanket
60+ pairs of baby socks
10 pairs of baby shoes
50+ Baby outfits Newborn-9months
2 sleep sacks 0-9months
Several different baby bottles (free from gift bags)
Hand-Me-Down swing (Thank you!)
Hand-Me-Down walker (Thank you!)

The brown paper bag also is housing a lot of baby clothes I don't have hangers for just yet. The pampers box is full of socks and shoes.

The brown paper bag also is housing a lot of baby clothes I don’t have hangers for just yet. The pampers box is full of socks and shoes.


These are some outfits I've purchased on clearance.

These are some outfits I’ve purchased on clearance.


MY Halo Bassinest. So excited for this!

MY Halo Bassinest. So excited for this!

When I quantify it– I feel better! I know that we’ve accumulated more than I had originally thought and that is comforting. My glider had been discontinued before we purchased it, so we’ve been shopping around for one. I’ve got very specific wishes for a glider so it’s taking some time. We also have plans to get to IKEA and purchase the dresser, bookshelf, and end table. My insurance covers a breast pump and I’ve already been taking the steps to make sure I’ve got it before he arrives that way I an begin pumping ASAP! I will be looking for work and hope to have a job within 12-16 weeks after he’s born, and I need a good supply at home for him to eat while I’m working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I’ve also been promised a huge supply of baby clothes from C’s grandmother and uncle.

We still have a long way to go– But we’re making progress.


2 thoughts on “Taking inventory…

  1. Wow, you have a lot already! That’s awesome. I feel ya, though… If it was up to me, I’d be at Babies R Us every day.

    • Babies R Us, Buy Buy Baby, even the baby section at Target and Walmart are enticing. Trying to sloooow down. I’m glad to have some validation that I am not the only person with this problem. haha!

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