Week 25

Where to begin?!

This week has been busy, but before I talk about everything that happened, let’s focus on the pregnancy related things– no new symptoms, still just the same awful back pain, gas/bloat, acne, stretch marks, etc. Baby boy is getting much bigger and I am really starting to feel pregnant. His kicks are constantly causing movement on the outside that you can see and feel.

I am continuing to get stretch marks, and while I still to use lotion– I know I can’t stop them. I’m going to embrace them as a change for the better. Stretch marks means my belly is growing with a healthy pregnancy and I can’t think more positive than that. My husband’s cousin and his wife just lost their baby and she was about as far along as I was. I can’t imagine the grief that they are suffering from. It has really made me appreciate all of my pregnancy symptoms for what they are: signs that my pregnancy is continuing without complications.

I have also noticed my sweet tooth is getting stronger, but I’m trying to satisfy it with fresh fruit and Greek yogurt. The blood sugar test is looming on the horizon and I need to think about my health and my baby’s health. I’m not always successful and I did eat 2 canned cinnamon rolls, but they were yummy! Otherwise I’ve been good at sticking to the good foods.

My weight is officially +2 lbs from prepregnancy. I’m gaining all of my ‘weight’ and growth right in my tummy, and the bridesmaid dress I tried on a month ago that was huge on me– it’s snug! Another bridesmaid was having issues with her dress to so we went to David’s bridal. They ordered my dress another 2 sizes up, and said that they can pull it in where its needed up to a week before the wedding!

On the same day as that my best friend and I went it scope out the baby shower location and put down the deposit. She is throwing my shower for me, but because of my move and her living situation we didn’t know where she could host it. Most of our audience will be in central Ky so it makes sense to throw it here. After lots of digging I found a hotel that had a meeting space that rented out for a reasonable price. It is still a bit of an expense (but we simply couldn’t find an alternative) so I offered to help with the venue since she is taking on so much else. Now that the date for that is set I’m in the final stages of making sure the registry is AOK too.

I also made our 4D ultrasound appointment, and we scored an amazing deal. They were running a special in August, and even though I made the appointment for September 17th, because I made it in August we are getting the same rate. Not only is the session at least 45 minutes long, where most others are 15-20 minutes, but they also give you 25-30 full color images on a disk and 6 full color pictures printed as 4″x6″. Many of the other places only gave you 4-6 photos total. They were about 15$ more than the others, but it was such a better value! We are also adding a DVD for an extra 15$, and C is going to make copies for those who want one.

While the studio can accommodate up to 7 people, we only invited my mom and his mom– that way no one would feel left out if we said we were only doing the moms. I don’t know for sure if they are even going to come, but I wanted them to have the option. My mom has been saying she feels very disconnected from my pregnancy (and this is a huge topic in and of itself), so I’m trying to extend a hand to her. It’s hard because we have a rocky past– but I’m trying here.

I made the appointment on the same day we have our breastfeeding class, so that way C would already be in town and wouldn’t have to make two trips. It’s just crazy that we have the 4D ultrasound, the breastfeeding class, and the baby shower all on the horizon! Plus everything with this move.

I’ve spent the rest of this week deep cleaning the central Ky house so that it’s ready for showings. Thankfully my maternity support belt came in, and I I’ve noticed some HUGE improvement in my back pain while I was working. The big test was when C and I went to a local festival on Friday. We walked around a lot and then watched a local football game. By the end of the day I wasn’t sore like I was after my all day outings before. So I really recommend this thing to anyone else who is also experiencing significant pregnancy related back pain. It doesn’t help with the sciatic back pain, but it does help a lot with the other back pain.

In other pregnancy news C’s cousin gave birth to her baby boy! He’s healthy and beautiful and I can’t wait to meet him. It makes me feel so good that our son will have a cousin who is just a few months older than him to grow up with. I grew up with a cousin and we were raised practically as brother and sister, and since C and I only plan on having one child– I hope that he can enjoy the same perk with his cousin.

Overall it was a happy, busy, and productive week– but that was good because I didn’t have a lot of time to sit around and miss my husband. Then we iced the week off going to a festival and a football game, and the cherry is that C is here with me this weekend because he’s helping out at his old job for the busy holiday. So that is an added bonus for an already pretty awesome week.

Here is to hoping the next few weeks pass in the same blissful blur!


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