Thank you Target!

Target is currently having a huge sale in their baby department (at least in my area). I managed to talk hubby into bending his spending rule for the baby– Which is basically only spending 20-50$ on the baby at a time until after the baby showers.

To start off with I moved my Walmart registry over to Target a few days ago, after I did a trial run at Walmart. They have an awful registry process. Yes they run cheaper most of the time, but it doesn’t help if no one can find anything. As it turned out: Target matched most of Walmarts prices anyway, and in case they don’t– you can price match them with your smart phone.

When I was making the change I saw that Target had the PackN’Play that I wanted (but didn’t register for– opting for a model that was 50$ cheaper) for the same price as the one I was currently registered for at BabiesRUs. I quickly registered for that one, and deleted the other.

Then I get on my Target iPad app today and they have another 15% off of that PackN’Play! So I managed to save nearly 60$ and get the one I really wanted, rather than the one I was settling for. I purchased that online, and I can’t wait for it to get here. Hubby was very impressed with my savings.


Upon closer examination of their ad I saw that the sale was not just on that, but everywhere in baby. I showed C the ad that had the MomaRoo priced as normal (219.00), but when you purchased it you got a 40$ gift card to target. We had discussed wanting one, but we decided not to register for it because they were expensive and it was a luxury item. However, that 40$ gift card was a great deal, and we decided to go ahead and buy it.



Once we got to the store I also picked up my free goody bag that you get for starting a registry with them (a bottle and pacifier were included in this), and quickly swiped the last MomaRoo off the shelf. I decided to look around some more. They had their 10-pack of baby hangers on sale for 1.02$. BabiesRUs was charging 2.99$. I grabbed every blue pack they had– 8 packs total. I also saw that with the purchase of 3 pampers giant packs you got a 25$ gift card. A quick search to make sure that they didn’t raise the price of the diapers for the sale made this a no brainer! Unfortunately the diaper aisle took a beating for the sale and there were no Newborn of size 1, so we purchased 2 boxes of size 2 and one box of size 3.




On our way out of the store we stopped to look at their carpet shampooers, because I still have a few rooms to finish here and ours died. (Side note: C is normally the person who shampoos the carpet– he seriously loves it and does it all the time, but I’m taking it over since he’s been out of town). Turns out they had the one we wanted on sale for 30$ off original price, and we used our 65$ in gift cards towards it as well. Cha-Ching!


Oh boy! I’m so excited with the savings and I wish I had more freedom to shop, but I know I need to be patient. I didn’t even use the 5$ off 20$ of carters clothes, but trust me I wanted to. I wanted to buy every Halo Sleepsack, SummerInfant SwaddleMe, and toy they had on sale– but looking at our two carts bursting at the seams I called it quits. We got some amazing deals, and not having been a Target shopper before– I’ve been converted. I was very impressed with their selection and the helpful staff.

Overall today was a very good day. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Thank you Target!

  1. I love Target! Thats where we were registered for our wedding and baby showers 🙂 and getting stocked up on size 2 and 3 diapers is a good idea cause I found with the baby showers people only bought size 1 pretty much.

    • That is what I’ve seen at baby showers in the past too! I’ve been reading articles on how many diapers to expect at each stage and trying to plan accordingly.

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