Week 26

This past week we made a lot of baby purchases, many of which I already talked about in a pervious post. Target has been having a sale in the baby department and even after I wrote that post– we indulged in several more deals. Now that I’m finally calling it quits I will post the final results of our spending spree by updating the list I made last week when I first took inventory of our baby stuff. In the last few days we managed to use our gift cards (a perk of Targets sale), Target’s price match, and their deals to save over 200$. The big upside is a few of these items we didn’t plan on buying because they were luxury/expensive items, but thanks to the savings we were able to justify it. 🙂

Boppy Pillow
A small collection of books
Crib Bedding Set
Baby Blanket
60+ pairs of baby socks
10 pairs of baby shoes
50+ Baby outfits Newborn-9months
2 sleep sacks 0-9months
Several different baby bottles (free from gift bags)
Hand-Me-Down swing (Thank you!)
Hand-Me-Down walker (Thank you!)
*Chicco Travel System 
*Diaper Bag
*Play Mat
*80 Baby Hangers
*6 Jumbo Boxes of Diapers (1 in size 1, 2 in size 2, 2 in size 3, 1 in size 4).

*Ignore the mess-- I've been organizing this room for the move!

*Ignore the mess– I’ve been organizing this room for the move!

Besides satisfying my desire to shop this past week has been hard. Despite C being in town for the past few days I’ve still been battling the blues that I’ve been having a hard time dealing with these past few weeks. It was even harder to say goodbye to him this time because I can’t stay with him anymore until the fence at our new house has been finished– So that we can keep him and our 3 german shepherds separated.

The reason for that is my grandmother that normally lived with us in our central Ky home went to stay with my mom in West Virginia until her place is ready. With her gone I can’t go stay with C at all because I’ve got to stay home with our dog. In the past when I took off to visit him for a few days she would be here to keep an eye on him and let him outside. So not only am I away from my husband, but my only company is also gone. I’m stuck in a very large home by myself for the next few weeks.

C does have plans to come see me periodically. We have a doctors appointment next Friday, and the week after that we have our breast feeding class and our 4D ultrasound. I’m going to try and stay busy by packing the house up and hanging out with some friends. We are in the final stretch and will be in our home in less than a month– So I am trying to suck it up and deal with it, but like the broken record that I am– It’s been hard.

Other than some mild depression, my symptoms have been pretty much the same. The maternity support belt has been a tremendous help for my lower back pain, and other than that everything is going good. I’m up 3 pounds this week O.O and I’m not sure how that happened, so this next week I’m going to put a lot of attention into my diet and trying to manage these numbers! I’m up a solid +5 pounds from pre pregnancy.

At breakfast today the waitress asked me when I was due and I said December, maybe if I had said early December she wouldn’t have asked in a surprised voice, “You’re only carrying one in there?!” I smiled at the comment and let it roll off me, because I have noticed myself that my stomach has really popped recently. I’ve been carrying our son very low, and while he is still low– I look much more obviously pregnant. Which is good because we are entering the third trimester next week! Just over 13 weeks until he’s due to be here, but he could very realistically be here anywhere between the next 10 to 15 weeks. So very exciting.



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