4D Ultrasound!

We scheduled a fun 4D ultrasound yesterday at a place in town that only does ultrasounds for fun: ie. gender determination, sneak peeks, and views of babies in 4D. My mom drove in from West Virginia to join C and I at the appointment. There are several places in town that offer 4D ultrasounds, but this place not only had great reviews, but they also were running a special when I made the appointment, and they spend 45 minutes to an hour with you– Not the 15-20 the other places spend.

Right away we were very lucky to get several front face pictures of our boy, and the first thing the lady noticed was his big fat cheeks! “Did you pass your glucose test,” she joked. He has my big fat cheeks and he’s only 28 and a half weeks. He’s just now supposed to be packing on the fat.

Then he yawned (or stretched, but it looked like a yawn). He spent the next little bit waving his arms around his face. We were so happy he didn’t block his face with his hands like he was doing at our last two ultrasounds. After that we got some great profile shots, and she was very impressed because she said most people only get front face OR profile, but our baby boy really enjoyed the spicy lunch and sprite I had before arriving (I picked out that meal for a reason!).

It was a great appointment. C and I nearly cried, and my mom was so excited to take a few pictures home with her. Something about seeing his cheeks, lips, and dancing little body made this pregnancy even more real (and I thought it already felt that way!). I am excited to enjoy these next 12-ish weeks with my husband, but I am looking forward to the day we get to meet our son. I love him so much already.


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