{Project Life} Baby Book and Scrapbooking Haul!

I mentioned in my Week 27 post that I finally discovered how I planned to do build my son’s baby book. I know that while I’m pregnant the best time to start is now. That way I can build it as he grows and the memories are still fresh, and it isn’t as daunting. The method I decided is Project Life by Becky Higgins. This is scrapbooking made easy!

I knew that despite how badly I wanted to scrapbook that I wouldn’t be any good at it. I’m not super creative, so having to come up with page ideas or themes, and templates would quickly kill my confidence. So I was going to compromise and use an online photo book builder (like those from shutterfly), but I wasn’t thrilled about this idea either. I wanted a more hands on approach. So while shopping around Michaels I stumbled across Project Life.

I’ll be honest: just looking at the products in store I didn’t full understand the system, and because the prices were kind of steep I decided not to buy anything. I went home and searched around beckyhiggins.com, watched YouTube videos, read several blogs, and explored Pinterest. I was in love with the concept. Essentially all you need to make a beautiful scrapbook is: A core kit, an album, a big box of sheet protectors, your pictures, and some pens. You slide your photos into the slots, add the cards that come with the core kit, and journal your notes about the memory.

My most exciting purchase was the Baby Edition for Him. This kit is being phased out, with new kits coming soon. What I loved about this core kit is it provides ‘prompt’ cards, to help you stay organized while I build the book. The other systems give you more freedom. I also purchased the 12 month divider tabs and the scrapbook paper that goes along with the kit. I started putting the album together before I even had my pictures delivered from snapfish, because it is that easy to do! I know I might change some stuff around once I’ve got the pictures, but it feels great to have a start.

Another great thing is Project Life is currently in the midst of a retirement sale— So several of these ‘Core Kit’s’ that normally retail for 29.99, are significantly discounted both on beckyhiggins.com and on amazon.com. I went on a bit of a spending spree! Because not only do I want to build my son’s baby book, but I also want to build some family albums. So keep in mind with this ‘haul’ I was not just thinking about our baby book.


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