Week 28

I’m sorry– Where has my pregnancy gone?!

We are now less than 80 days away from our due date and have a crazy amount of stuff going on. We are moving in less than 2 weeks, which is so exciting! After 8 months of renovations, I’m finally going to be home. Both C and I moved around a lot as kids, and have struggled as adults to really connect with any of our apartments/rentals in a way that they actually felt like ‘home’– But not anymore!

He just went back today (after spending an entire week here in Central Ky for our doctors appointment, visiting with our out of town friends, and our 4D ultrasound appointment) and I followed him back to take a peek at the progress. We also loaded up both his truck and my car with some of the boxes I had packed. It was great to see some of the progress in person that he had been telling me about. I can’t wait to start unpacking and really letting my ‘nesting’ urge take over!

He’ll be back in a week, because we have officially transitioned to doctors appointments every 2 weeks, instead of every 4 weeks. My midwife has warned me that I’m going to feel like I live at the office– I’m excited about it!

I’ve also been working on his baby book a bunch! I’ve seriously filled close to 30 pages before I even get to his arrival! I just can’t help it. Project Life is an addiction!

Now, on to some 28 week pregnancy stuff! haha

How far along: Currently I’m 28 weeks and 6 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: +8.4 Lbs from pre pregnancy. (Down 0.4 from last week.)

Maternity clothes: I made some more shirt purchases, because I was wearing several of my pre pregnancy shirts, but they were getting too small. These scoop neck shirts from motherhood maternity are the most comfortable things on the planet! They also have 3/4 sleeves, so they will work great with fall!

Stretch marks: Yep. Though honestly not as bad as I would have expected. I have noticed some on my thighs, which is very new. Keep on using that Burts Bees Belly Butter.

Sleep: We were so busy this past week, and I managed to keep pace pretty well– but after a few days of going going going I had a day where I was so exhausted I couldn’t do anything. C was right there with me! For the most part I’m sleeping okay-ish. I’m still having some trouble going back to sleep after my 2-3am potty break, but that’s getting better!

Best moment last week: Seeing my husband for an entire week, our friends staying with us while they were on their way back home to Ohio, and our 4D ultrasound. It was a very eventual and busy week!

Movement: He is constantly moving, but I really feel like I’ve got a calm baby. While I do feel him move all the time, it’s not crazy like a lot of people describe. The lady who preformed our 4D scan said that a lot of times their personality is very similar to how they are in-utero. C was a calm baby, so maybe our son is taking after him. We did learn that he is head down, so all that pressure I feel under my ribs/sternum is my little boys butt. That is AOK with me– I love that he’s in a good position for birth.

Food cravings: Surprisingly enough this week I wanted chocolate. Maybe the weight of the gestational diabetes scare being lifted is part of that.

Gender: Bouncing bubbly baby BOY!

Labor signs: Still having some mild braxton hicks, but I’m not just feeling them at night anymore.

Pregnancy Symptoms: {Same!} Same big two: gas/bloat, and back pain. The maternity support belt is a big help and beano is a huge help. .

Belly button: I’ve noticed it’s even less deep this week than it was last!

What I miss: Being able to lift heavy things. All the packing and moving we have to do– I feel bad that I have to take a back seat for most of it.

What I am looking forward to: We’re moving in less than 2 weeks, and I’m exciting to finally set up his nursery and nest! Also, my friend’s wedding is in two weeks and we’ve got a spa day set for October 1st.

Milestones: We learned our boy is head down! I’m going to bouncing on a birthing ball and doing some exercises to keep him that way.


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