All I want to do is nest… and I’m packing.

We are less than 10 days away from the move that I have been writing about for months and it’s coming at the point in my pregnancy where all I want to do is organize and think baby. Please don’t see this as whining, because I am very excited for this move. It’s just very hard to pack up all the baby stuff we’ve bought and watch it be toted away– instead of opening all the boxes and playing with it. So I’ve spent my down time getting some of my nesting urges out of the way the way any type-A person would– I made a list, or rather a series of lists!

I made a ‘Final To-Do’ list (which it daunting!), hospital bag packing lists (for me, hubby, and baby), freezer meal prep lists (meals ideas, shopping list, etc), and a visual birth plan— I said ‘made’ but I’m actively working on all of these. Basically, I’ve researched my little heart out. So when I take a break from packing I just pick back up on the research front and it is really helping my head stay in the game! **Once we get more settled, I’m going to share these ‘lists’ and have some blog posts one some of these topics.

I’m making quick slow progress of the house this week. It’s hard because I keep thinking I’m never going to have it packed in time. I’m basically doing the packing alone because C has a very busy week finishing up the house: installing fencing, running gas lines, and a few other miscellaneous things. He can’t take time away from the house to help me, and I understand that. I’ve been working on packing for the last few weeks, but jut the stuff we don’t actually use: pictures, etc. Now we’re getting to the nitty-gritty. Luckily I’ve had some friends offer to come over and ‘help’ — but mostly they are going to be keeping me company, and maybe moving 1-2 heavy things that I can’t move.

We will be officially OUT of this house by September 30th, and then the first 3 days of October I’m going to be tied up with my friends wedding, so I sadly won’t even be able to enjoy it. October 1st we’re doing a spa day/bachelorette evening, October 2nd we’re helping set up her venue and attending the rehearsal dinner, and October 3rd is the wedding. The wedding is taking place here in central Kentucky, and because it’s so far away from our home I’m going to be staying either with friends or at a hotel. C will be coming in for the wedding, which is nice.

After that we’re going to visit our Ohio friends for their son’s first birthday on October 10th, and nine days later is the baby shower. Hopefully after that we can relax and enjoy our home and get settled.

If I’m not around for the next few weeks ^^ This is why.

Wish me luck!


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