Week 29

How far along: Currently I’m 29 weeks and 6 days.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: 13.8 Lbs from pre pregnancy. (Up 5.4 from last week.) I was very upset about this, and the fact that I went from measuring ahead half a week to measuring 2.5 weeks ahead. She said I was ‘borderline’ passing my glucose test (136, and 140 is passing). So she wants me to watch my concentrated carbs, and if he continues to measure ahead we might have a growth scan in a few weeks. She doesn’t want me to have a double digit pound baby. I’m nervous about all of this, but she said several times– she isn’t concerned right now.

Maternity clothes: I made another run to Motherhood Maternity while they were having a BOGO 50% off sale. I only had two pairs of jeans, so I got two more in different styles and washes. **Both of my other jeans were the same exact style and wash. I also got two more shirts, and a long sweater that I can wear with leggings. Now… At this point I have: 2 dresses, 4 pairs of jeans, and 10 shirts/sweaters. I’m done as soon as I get 1 or 2 more pairs of leggings! I feel bad with only have 10 more weeks to go and buying more clothes, but I seriously needed something to wear.

Stretch marks: Yea, and I’ve been very bad about keeping up with the belly butter this week. It’s been so busy!

Sleep: About the same. I go to bed between 10p-12a, and I sleep till about 2a-3a before I’ve got to pee, and then sleep till about 7a-9a before I have to pee again, and then I’m up. **This is only if I remember to stop drinking water 1-2hours before bed, otherwise… It’s a lot more frequent.

Best moment last week: Getting this house packed up! It was a double edged sword to say this, because my back hurts so bad, and it was so stressful– but I’ve managed to pack the entire house. The only help I had was my mom came to assist with packing the garage up, and C still needs to pack up the electronics (TV wires, blu ray player, etc.).

I also went out twice (both in the evening, after I had finished working). I needed to see some of my friends one final time before we move. I know I will see them after we move, but moving 90 miles away is going to make it more difficult. So I really enjoyed our dinner/movie/shopping dates, and I’m so glad I was able to pack in two visits during a very busy, busy week!

Also! My mom finally got to see the house. She followed me to the house on Tuesday night after helping me finish the garage. It was kind of out of the way for her trip back to WV, but she came anyway. There are still a few things to be finished, but it was great for her to see where we will be living.

Movement: His movements are definitely more subtle, but there. He has started getting big enough that I’ve got a nearly constant ache in my left ribcage. That ache makes it hard to do just about anything. Drive, walk around, eat at a restaurant, and especially sit through movies at a theater– Which I did twice this week.

Food cravings: Still more chocolate. C and I had milk chocolate fondue when he came in for our Apple Store appointment on Wednesday. Oh my goodness– it was divine!

Gender: Bouncing bubbly baby BOY!

Labor signs: Mild braxton hicks. Still just feel like mild menstrual cramps. I now feel them throughout the day, and at night.

Pregnancy Symptoms: I definitely feel like my belly has popped this past week. It’s just so big. {TMI} It honestly makes it hard to go to the bathroom (Seriously, no one told me I was going to have a hard time cleaning myself!). I’m also short of breath, super fatigue, rib cage pain, gas, and awful (awful, awful, awful) lower back pain.

Belly button: Still the same: It’s getting less deep, but still there.

What I miss: Caffeine, pumpkin beer, and my ability to do more heavy lifting. We’re packing up the UHaul tomorrow, and I’m already feeling guilty.

What I am looking forward to: MOVING! **And the Spa night we’ve got set up for my friends bachelorette party. We’re all getting massages. Oooohh.

Milestones: We are one day away from being 10 weeks from his due date. That can be counted on my fingers! Ah!


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