Crazy Long Update!

The last few weeks have been crazy busy. I haven’t really had a chance to update about more than the pregnancy, but I think it’s just as important for me to look back not just at my pregnancy, but all of the things that were happening in conjunction with my pregnancy.**I warn you this post is long and boring and mostly for my personal recollection.

Pregnancy Update

After our appointment (where my weight gain was 9 pounds, my BP was elevated, my feet were swollen, and my braxton hicks contracts were painful and regular) a lot has changed! I’ve stayed hydrated, and now my braxton hicks are no longer painful or coming as regular as they were. I notice if I get behind in my water intake they start right back up, so I’m having to drink 10-12 cups of water a day. The water intake is making my nights very difficult because I’m up about every 2 hours to pee, but I know it’s for the good of our baby. My swelling has went down and hasn’t been back. We also changed our eating habits around the house and as of this morning I had not gained any more weight in the last 5 days.

So to put it short: everything is looking A LOT better than it was 5 days ago.

House Update

The house is still being worked on, so on top of that and the change in location— I’ve been having a hard time adjusting. I am so happy to finally be living in the same home as my husband, but there are several key elements to the house that were not done (and some still are not done) that made the transition that much harder.

The kitchen only had a refrigerator and a microwave. The gas line wasn’t done, so the stove wasn’t useable until just yesterday. We had the cabinets installed, but the countertop still hasn’t been installed so that means no kitchen sink. (The granite was purchased, but the installer went AWAL. Luckily we might have found someone who should be in contact with us this week!) Hubby did manage to give me ‘makeshift’ countertops in the mean time and I’m very grateful for that.

Not having the sink is hard on me to wash the dishes bent over the bathtub (I’m washing them in a plastic tub, in the bathtub.) Thankfully, hubby has been helping with that. Before the stove was hooked up we were eating a lot of microwave friendly meals, and fast food. After my last doctors appointment I put my foot down and said no more fast food— and we did good without the stove at first, but I am so happy to have it. It feels good to cook again.

Also, until today we didn’t have our washer and dryer hooked up. Luckily I have the worlds most fantastic mother in law, and she has been gracious enough to let us use hers. It works as a double positive because not only do we get out of the house and spend time with her (which I love!), but we also get our laundry done. Now that they are hooked up it’s going to be a lot easier. The laundry room is still being built, but I can deal with that.

We still have a lot of unpacking to do, but without all of the furniture in the house (because we are restoring some pieces and shopping for others) we don’t have places to unpack some of it. We’re making slow and steady progress though.

Emotional Update

I have mentioned before that I’ve never lived in a city with a population less than 300K, and we now live in a town with less than 3K. I never really saw the charm that people associated with “small town living”. I’m not enthused about running into people I know, or living in a place where if they don’t know you personally they know of you. I’m also not a fan of the amount of cigarette smoke that is in this town— even if the building is ‘smoke free’ people don’t really think it’s rude to stand right outside and smoke.

My husband and I also happen to be pretty liberal people, and I feel like I have to bite my tongue whenever anyone is talking because my views are ‘radical’— And it wouldn’t spark a healthy debate, it would put a black cloud over my head that the entire town would see and judge. I don’t have any girlfriends here, so I’ve been clinging to my friends in central Ky via text and social media. I’ve also made several dates to go see them in the city.

I wouldn’t say I’m depressed to be here, but I am adjusting slowly— A lot slower than I thought I would.

Misc Updates 

Our westie is recovering from his late in life neuter (he’ll be 3 on February 1st, and we finally made the decision to neuter him.) He was really only sad looking for a day or two, and he still wanted to run around and play ball— We had to keep him relaxed to help him heal. I’m happy to report that a week later and he’s nearly back to his old self 100%.

We ordered our living room furniture, and the rocking chair for the nursery. They arrived quickly, and are very comfortable. It was great to have a place other than the master bedroom to hangout and watch TV. We were getting stir crazy stuffed in that one room.

We haven’t had a chance to go to IKEA because of some crazy storms we’ve had here for the past week. We’re taking his truck so we can transport our own stuff home, but we can’t do that if it’s raining. We’re on the lookout for a clear day. Once we do that and get the rest of the nursery furniture put together— I can really start to nest. All I’ve been able to do as of now is open up some of the gadgets we’ve got and play with them.

I’m going into the city tomorrow to run some errands and hang out with my best friend, and then she is spending the night with us on Thursday night to work on baby shower stuff. I love that she is letting me help out. It gives me something to focus on. I’m also super type-a, and love the organization aspect of throwing parties.

Saturday hubby and I have our all day natural birthing class. With our crazy schedule we weren’t able to take any classes over a period of time, but this class is called ‘Laboring the Natural Way’ and it is from 930am-430pm. I hope it will give us the tools we need to succeed in our natural birth plan.

Sunday is the baby shower. My family is driving in from WV, and some of my close friends are also coming. I’m excited to get a chance to see everyone, and see this shower that K has been planing.

The next week i’ve got a date with my other friend to go see the new Nicholas Sparks movie in the city.

I hope that all of these trips to the city is okay on me. I know I get uncomfortable in the car, but they are the things I’ve got on the horizon to look forward to.

** I know things are only going to speed up in the remaining days of our pregnancy, but wow!– It’s been hard to keep up already.


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