My water broke!

I guess I jinxed myself when I posted yesterday that everything with the pregnancy was fine after our scare on Friday.

I woke up at midnight exactly with the urge to pee. I felt like I wasn’t going to make it, and sure enough I didn’t make it all the way to the bathroom. I thought I peed myself and changed my underwear and walked back to bed. I didn’t even get a chance to lay down before the urge came again, and again I ‘peed’ myself.

I sat on the toilet and kept gushing and it occurred to me that this is more than urine. I woke up hubby and we made the call to head to the hospital. I had a mild panic moment because I am only 32 weeks and 4 days, and I didn’t have a hospital bag packed. Finally I calmed down enough to get in the car.

During the 90 mile drive to the hospital we contacted family, and timed contractions. They were irregular and coming every 2-5 minutes with varying intensity. I was gushing so much fluid I saturated the towel we put down in the car. Surprisingly enough hubby and I were very calm in the car– terrified, but calm.

We got to the hospital at 2am and went to the labor hall. Right away we were put in a room where they had me change and put me on the monitor. Baby was doing good and once I sat down the contractions slowed considerably. They verified I had in fact ruptured my membranes and started me on Magnesium Sulfate, IV fluids, and antibiotics. They did an ultrasound with the ‘high risk’ doctors, and he’s measuring 4lbs 10oz in the 53rd percentile– so they are hopeful for their treatment plan.

Short term they are giving me steroid injections to help mature his lungs– that takes 48 hours. Long term they want to get him to 34 weeks.

We also had someone from the NICU come talk to us about what to expect for a ‘generic’ NICU stay. I got emotional knowing that I can’t hold him and nurse and do all of the things I planned, but I’m feeling better.

We are going to do whatever it takes to get a healthy baby here.




6 thoughts on “My water broke!

  1. My sister in law had her baby boy Finley at 25 weeks (hes now 7), her daughter Maisie at 33 weeks (shes now 5), and just 2 weeks ago had her final baby, little Buddy, and he was born at 31 weeks and is doing great! Babies are strong little things! Im 28 weeks today and cant imagine what your going through, must be so stressful! Just stay calm and take it easy! Sending you all love from the Isle of Wight (UK)

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