Hospital: Day 3

Another uneventful day ‘labor’ wise, but a pretty eventful day in the sense that several things happened.

This morning my doctor rounded and she said the plan is still to just stay here– I’ve got 5 days of IV antibiotics ordered and I’ve only had 3 days worth– so I don’t know if her plan will change once that happens. From what I understood if I go into labor at this point they are just going to let me labor and give birth (assuming our boy is not in distress, obviously), and if I don’t go into labor by the time I reach 34 weeks then they will induce me– but none of that has been said in exactly those words. So we’ll see what happens. Decisions are being made as my case develops.

She also decided to discontinue to the magnesium drip completely, but unlike what the other nurses thought– she did not decide to give me anything orally to stop contractions. She may or may not add something for me to take if I go into labor– they will call her if I was to begin having regular contractions and get an order.

So right away this morning they lowered my drip from 2g/hour to 1g/hour around 0900, and then at 1400 they turned off the drip completely. Hallelujah– The hot flashes stopped, my legs actually feel like legs, and all is right with the world! I even got a shower because the only fluids I have running into my IV right now is my antibiotics every four hours and maintenance fluids, so they were able to saline lock my IV.

They also reduced my blood pressure checks from hourly to every four hours, and increased my temperature checks to every 2 hours So far all of my numbers have been good. I’ve had very few, irregular, non painful contractions since the magnesium has been stopped and that’s about it. I’m actually feeling more ‘crampy’ but I can’t decide if that feeling is gas or what– I’m on continuous contraction monitoring and it’s not picking up very much– so we’ll see.

My leaking amniotic fluid has also decreased significantly (minus a small episode where I was moving around a bit more than usual– which resulted in a fairly large amount to come out, but my nurse was able to document it.). I’m still having small little ‘bursts’ when I sit back down in the bed after I’ve been up to pee, but that’s about it.

Physically my bum is a little sore from being on bed rest, and I’ve got some uncomfortable gas pains I can’t alleviate because I can’t get up and walk around to ‘free’ the trapped air. — But I’m doing good, baby is doing good, and we’re just playing the waiting game right now.

Emotionally– I had about 2 hours today where I was very down in the dumps, crying frequently, and could not seem to get handle on my emotions.Then my nurse walked in and she said that sometimes you just need a healthy cry, and you’ll feel better. Sure enough after I managed to calm down I’ve been fine ever since.

It was the most bizarre feeling in the world because I knew I didn’t really have a reason to be crying, but I couldn’t stop. It was like I was witnessing a car accident unfold, but I was stranded on the side of the road unable to stop it. I could logically say that I needed to calm down, everything was fine– but logic had no place in my emotionally warped reality.

It helps that we had several people stop by to see us today, and they raised my spirits.  My nurse also made sure to ask me if I wanted a visit from the therapy dog who was on the unit– and that was another very bright part of my day. I miss our dog so badly, and while this dog is obviously not my dog– it felt good to say hi to a fur child. Overall– once I got past my little emotional episode, today was a very good day.

Also– our hospital room has been very hot and uncomfortable (for me especially while I was on the magnesium drip) and my nurse insisted we call someone to take a look at it. She was concerned because I was sweating profusely and she was already monitoring my temperature closely for my potential to develop a fever. I just figured everyone’s rooms were like this and I just needed to suck it up– but I just so miserable sitting in bed (basically in a puddle of my own sweat) that I finally conceded to having her call someone.

Sure enough our air was working, but it wasn’t blowing the way it should. 10 minutes later I made best friends with the maintenance man and our room is finally comfortable!! I feel like I’ll actually get some sleep tonight.

Day 3 comes to a close, and what tomorrow holds I have no idea.




2 thoughts on “Hospital: Day 3

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’ve been unwell and down in the dumps. I will be thinking of you and hoping that both you and baby are safe and well.

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