Hospital: Day 4

I might stop doing the daily posts now that we seem to be playing the waiting game without a lot going on– But Day 4 was kind of where we got the set up for the next week of waiting so I thought I would do a quick update on day 4.

Yesterday they decided that they were going to completely discontinue my IV in the morning after another round of antibiotics. So I’m feeling so much freedom without being constantly hooked up to a beeping machine. The only things they are doing now an oral antibiotic once a day, continuous TOCO (contraction) monitoring, NST for an hour three times a day, temperature checks every 2 hours, and blood pressure checks every 4 hours– I’m even doing my own BP and temperature just because I’m bored and I am a nurse so I figure, why not? They don’t seem to mind. **I’m probably a really desirable patient because I don’t have a lot ‘going on’ that they need to be concerned about.The only other thing that might happen in addition to the current treatment plan is the nurse did say they will probably do another ultrasound sometime this week to see how my fluid level is and to see how he’s growing– but I won’t know more about that until our doctor rounds tomorrow morning.

I’m not leaking that much fluid anymore. Really, I’m only leaking a little bit and it’s infrequent– usually after I go to the bathroom and whatnot. The fluid is still clear and has no smell– so they aren’t worried about infection or meconium (if the baby gets stressed he can pass his first bowel movement– and that is a concern). Occasionally I’ll lose a moderate amount, but so far no one seems concerned with it– especially because my fluid level was so good at my last ultrasound and your body continues to create amniotic fluid. I’ve not had any blood or mucous plug loss either. So the signs are pointing to a content baby who may very well gestate to 34 weeks (and maybe beyond!).

I’m not having contractions regularly– maybe 1-2 an hour and they are not painful. I do notice when I get in the shower or I’m up for a few minutes that I’ll have several more than normal, so they obviously want to keep me on bed rest, but that’s about it. I’m getting different opinions on if they think they will give me something to stop contractions if they were to start– I’ve heard it both ways: some say they will just let me go into labor, and some say they will try to stop it. I guess we’ll have to wait and see if that were to happen.

On a positive note everyone is super impressed with our NST and his heart rate fluctuations. The nurse tonight showed me his strip compared to another strip (the other strip was still fine, but you could see a lot more variability in his). She said he looks like a full term baby on the strip. He’s been such a happier baby since the magnesium was stopped– He’s moving constantly and I love it. Also, I haven’t had anymore emotional episodes like I did the first few days here. I’m finally able to get some sleep, and I’m feeling so much more confident now that we’ve made it to 33 weeks and the steroids have had a chance to do their thing.

Overall– all things considered we are doing great here. Obviously it’s not ideal to have a premature rupture of membranes, but we got very lucky with how things have been progressing and I couldn’t ask for more given our situation. I’m also very lucky that my husband is self employed and is able to stay with me around the clock. He hasn’t left me once except to run to a store, and even then he only left because his mom was here to keep me company. We’re also very lucky that our hospital is in the town we just moved out of– and we’ve got tons of friends who live nearby and have been so wonderful about checking in on us and picking things up for us if we needed anything. We’re also so (so, so, so) grateful that his mom is retired and is able to keep an eye on our dog back home– We miss our fur child!

So for now, I’m gonna stop with the daily updates. If anything changes or something exciting happens I’ll try to update.



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