Our induction date is set!

After hearing so many different things from so many different doctors we finally have a plan. We learned yesterday that they did in fact plan on inducing us at 34 weeks, but she didn’t give us an exact date– though we assumed it would be Saturday. Today I mentioned to my nurse that I was feeling a little uncomfortable with the lack of a definite plan, and I had some questions about inductions– so she had one of the doctors on my case come by to speak with us.

I really liked this doctor because she was very friendly and also agreed having a plan was good. So she went on to explain (just like many other doctors had) that 34 weeks was a good time to induce for a whole slew of reasons. She then went on to say that she had reserved us a spot on Saturday at 8am, assuming we were on board with this plan. Suddenly the birth of my son became very real to his super type A mama. haha.

I then asked about what method they were going to use to induce: prostaglandin, pitocin, foley cath, etc. She said that when they assessed me that morning they would see how my cervix looked and go from there, but she did say there were many different options. I expressed my concern that if he wasn’t ready to be born (too high and not engaged at all, etc) that I was at a greater risk for a cesarean section especially with something like pitocin. Unfortunately she confirmed my fear, but she also said that in most cases with a prolonged ruptured membrane the uterus is very ready to go into labor and deliver. She didn’t seemed concerned about it, which helped me feel more at ease.

The biggest disappointment is I expressed my hopes of having a natural labor and potentially laboring in the water, and unfortunately I can’t labor in the water because my risk for infection is already elevated– a fact I assumed, but wanted to ask anyway. She was open to my natural birth plan and said that there were birthing balls, and other tools at my disposal to help me achieve my natural birth. At this point every other aspect of my birth plan has already had to be ditched because of going into preterm labor, so I’m not too upset by this information. In fact it has really helped me come to terms with the fact that I really need to be flexible and do what is best for my baby– something that is very hard when you are so very (very, very) type A.

So now I’m excited, nervous, anxious, and so ready to meet my baby boy.

Just over 60 hour until we get this show on the road!


6 thoughts on “Our induction date is set!

    • Premature rupture of membranes at 32 weeks and 4 days. They are concerned about our risk for infection and placenta abruption– and since we’ve had the steroid shots to help mature his lungs, and he’s measuring well– they’ve decided to induce at 34 weeks. We are anticipating that he will be spending some time in the NICU, but they all are very confident he will be just fine. We are very excited and nervous, but ready to meet our baby boy.

  1. After reading your story after just having my baby I couldn’t help but feel for you! You’re on the hard side and I’m looking back. I will pray that it goes well for you and you’ll soon join me here. 🙂 *M

    • Thank you. We ran into a bump in the road right now, but we are lucky that in a few weeks we will have a healthy baby boy to take home.

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