Two months!

Two months old!

My son turned two months old on Christmas day. I thought we would be spending the day in the NICU, but we were in our home. When he turned a month old we didn’t have a lot of luck getting a good picture or writing an update because he was having a hard time. Now that we are home I want to do a better job of documenting his milestones.

We came home on December 21st. In the less than two weeks since we’ve been home so much has happened. I’ll be talking about the specifics of his TEF/EA on his other blog.

On December 23rd we met with his pediatrician and she spent over an hour reading over his past medical history, examining him, and answering our questions. He got his 2 month shots, which was 3 vaccines. He did very well with them and only cried for about 5 seconds per shot— Then he napped all day and slept through the night. We gave him 1 dose of tylenol for the soreness in his legs the next day and he was fine. His temperature didn’t elevate much, it normally runs around 98.9 and ran 99.3— Overall, I was very pleased with how he handled the shots.

He was 9pounds, but his length was 20.5”. He was 5pounds 7ounces and 18.75” at birth. **Now we had to buy a fancy baby scale to keep track of his fluid volume needs as a part of our discharge plan, and as of tonight he is 10 pounds 2ounces! 😥

We spent Christmas eve and Christmas day with my husbands family. They have familiarity with NICU graduate babies, and were all very respectful about washing their hands and not even coming over if they were sick. He was a very spoiled baby and received so many wonderful gifts. It was such a wonderful way to spend the holiday with our family and our son home. I can’t put into words how great it was.

We are still working on getting some sort of loose routine, but where we are still working on getting our son on full bottle feeds (so we can take the feeding tube out) we aren’t there yet. We have to be much more flexible for him because he needs to eat so slowly and because we are ‘stretching’ his stomach he eats every 1-3 hours. I can say that he comes off of his tube feed around 11am, and that is usually when we start our day.

Hubby takes a shower while I get the baby out of his pajamas and into his outfit for the day. While I take a shower and get ready hubby feeds the baby his first bottle of the day. Then throughout the day we follow his needs. And usually around 10pm we him into pajamas and start it all over again. hubby usually makes breakfast and lunch, and I usually make dinner. We kind of take turns, but I kind of monopolize the baby. I’m working on ‘sharing’ the responsibility, because I tend to want to do everything for the baby and my husband’s feelings got a little hurt in the beginning. What can I say, I’m an imperfect person, but we’re doing better. *This is why my update is coming so late. I’m busy with the baby about 20 hours out of the day.

Now, about baby boy.

He is filling out his 0-3 month clothes for the most part— but the pants are still baggy. He loves NUK pacifier, Dr. Brown’s bottles, being swaddled in the swaddleme, hanging out in his MomARoo, looking at this shiny red ornament a mother gave him in the NICU, being super warm, and being held.
He hates having his diaper changed, his outfit changed, and his nose suctioned. He still hated bath time because he was still having to get sponge baths (but he had his first bath on December 31st, 6 days into his third month— which I’ll talk more about in his 3 month update.)

He still can’t hold his head up totally, but he is making huge progress with tummy time. He is smiling more and is so, so close to a social smile, but not quite there. When he gets hungry he sticks his fingers into his mouth, and I have a feeling we’re going to have a thumb sucker on our hands.

He is such a perfect tiny human. I’m so in love. We are so in love.


2 thoughts on “Two months!

  1. So glad he was home for Christmas and that you had a wonderful time. It sounds like he’s doing really well too. Happy New Year to you and your family. X

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