4 Month Old Update!

Sleepy baby!

Sleepy baby!

This has been a big month for baby boy.

We have officially said goodbye to size 1 diapers, and 0-3 month clothes.

His size 2 diapers are a little big, but they never leak so it’s better than being too small. The 3-6 month clothes fit decently, but they are little big. He is 23.5″ inches long, and 13lbs 4 ounces long– So he’s hanging out around the 50th percentile for his adjusted age, and is making improvements in ‘catching up’.

We are waiting to introduce solids until he is 6months old adjusted, which will be around the time we go back for his 6 month shots and well baby visit. I’m both excited and terrified for April to get here.

He is still behind on many of his milestones for his ‘actual’ age. He can’t push himself up from the floor, grasp objects, or roll over. We’re supposed to be giving him tummy time to work on it. He HATES tummy time, so out sessions are usually brief. However, we have been doing baby exercises to help him gain upper and lower body strength. I have noticed some improvement with his endurance during the exercises, but not with his tummy time. I was really stressing out about it, but his pediatrician isn’t concerned. She told us that crawling is actually not considered a milestone anymore, because many babies skip crawling and go straight to talking.

He stands very well with minimal support. I’m basically just helping him keep his balance and he’s doing all the work. He really seems to love that.

We are still sleeping in the fisher price rock n’ play because he still needs the incline to help with his severe acid reflux. He can’t sit up on his own, or roll over so he’s still safe sleeping there. We still only swaddle at night. He’s been slowly working one of his arms out during the night, so I anticipate losing the swaddle soon. He sleeps from 8pm-8am, and wakes up to eat every 3-5 hours but goes right back to sleep. He takes 2-3 small naps during the day, and one 2-3 hour nap. The only problem, is the only way he’s taking that 3 hour nap is if I get him to sleep in my arms (like, completely asleep), and then lay him down. At night, I can lay him down when he is only 10% asleep, and he’ll go to sleep on his own, but not during the day.

He has started to get interested in his surroundings. He loves watching the TV. He also doesn’t like to be burped against my shoulder because he wants to look around.

Speaking of burping, he’s eating between 3.5-4oz 8 times a day. Now, his formula is mixed to 24kCal/oz, so he’s not ‘starving’– I assure you. 😉 Also, he’s still a once a day pooper. You can seriously set your clock by it because it’s so regular. We’ve been reassured on many occasions that as long as the consistency and color doesn’t change– he’s good.

He tolerated his 4 month shots decent. He doesn’t tolerate his RSV vaccine as well. My guess is it hurts more, because he cries for several minutes after that, but only for a minute or two for all 3 of his others. Poor guy. Good thing is he is almost done with the RSV shots because the season is almost over.

Also, we’re only a week in his 5th month, and I can’t wait to write that update because some big things have happened! haha.

Those cheeks!

Those cheeks!


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