Nursery Tour – Baby Boy’s Peek-a-Boo Monster Nursery

Finally getting around to doing a nursery tour. I never got it ‘perfect’ but I like it so far. We spend a lot of our time in here: rocking him in the recliner, playing on his floor mat, changing him, etc. It’s almost perfect, but of course…

Things I want to do but haven’t done:

  • Finish his alphabet wall. I already purchased the letters from ETSY and they plain birch wood. We planned on having them painted at the baby shower that never happened, and I just haven’t had a chance to paint them. They will go above the recliner. As soon as things ‘settle down’ I’ll get that done.
  • I need to clean out his crib, but he’s currently sleeping next to us in his Rock n’ Play– So that’s not such a big deal at the moment. His great grandmother bought him a moses basket, but unfortunately he can’t lay flat most of the time, so we took some pictures of him in it and plan on giving it away soon.
  • I also plan to get a bookshelf of some sort. I had wanted one from IKEA, but it is much too large for his room right now. Maybe once we outgrow the need for his rocker/recliner I can put one in it’s place.

IMG_2017This sign is hung on his nursery door. My son is named after my husband, and this sign was my husbands from when he was a boy. I love how many things we have from when my husband was a baby. This just adds an extra special touch to the room.


This is the view from the hallway into my son’s room. His theme is ‘peek-a-boo monsters’– Blue, Brown, and Green.


The dresser slash changing table is positioned between two small closets and directly in front of his window. There is a small antique rocking horse to the left. It used to be where the diaper genie is, but we’re pressed for space so I had to put it there.


A close up of our changing area. We were given the changing pad cover as a gift. I use a diaper changing station and a wipe warmer. The sides hold some up and up lotion, diaper cream, and baby powder. The little robot plush is from a friend, and the dinosaur was from my mom. It plays music and baby boy loves it. I also keep hand sanitizer handy.


The first two drawers. The left hand side is all of the misc. things everyone collects. The right hand side holds socks, bibs, hats, and burp cloths. I need to get some of those IKEA drawer organizers badly, but the nearest IKEA is 2.5 hours away. We had planned a trip there before he made his appearance, but his early arrival derailed those plans.


The second row. The left drawer has his outfits that he currently fits into, and the right drawer has his sleepers that he currently fits.


The last row. Left side has extra blankets, sheets, changing pad covers, etc. The right side has his onesies, and shoes.


Here is his crib. He’s not sleeping in it right now so don’t stress about all of the things inside of it. We’ve got all of his stuffed animals, and a moses basket that my husband’s grandma gave us. *Our son can’t sleep flat, so we took some pictures of him in it and we’re looking to give it away. The right side you can see his closet door.


This is his ‘weighing station’ — We needed to weigh him daily so we purchased a baby scale. It’s positioned over two totes. The bottom tote is 6month and up clothing. The top tote is full of clothes he’s already outgrown. ūüė¶


Opposite of the crib is the rocker. It’s a lazyboy recliner and it’s super comfortable. The table is something my mother in law found at a flea market. The afghan was made by his grandmother, and we love to cuddle with his boppy pillow and blanket and relax. I’ve got the video monitor on the table, because currently our son sleeps with us. So if he’s laying down while I’m folding clothes or something I’ve got easy access to it. The lamp is part of his theme. In the background we’ve got the packn’play/changing area/basinet that we don’t need, so I’m giving it away as a baby shower gift. I just need to wrap it.


This is the closet where I have his extra diapers, wipes, and his next size up in clothes.


This closet has a little bit of everything. Mostly things we won’t need for a long time. His toddler bed rail, his 6-12 month clothes, and a lot of other odds and ends are in here. I’ll organize it eventually.


This is where I plan to put his bookshelf eventually. The ‘basket’ is currently being used as a dirty clothes hamper, but will eventually house his toys. And his carseat.


Just another shot of the room, and our dog. It’s a small space, but we’re making it work. *I leave the floor mat out because we use it daily. He absolutely loves it!



Thank you Target!

Target is currently having a huge sale in their baby department (at least in my area). I managed to talk hubby into bending his spending rule for the babyРWhich is basically only spending 20-50$ on the baby at a time until after the baby showers.

To start off with I moved my Walmart registry over to Target a few days ago, after I did a trial run at Walmart. They have an awful registry process. Yes they run cheaper most of the time, but it doesn’t help if no one can find anything. As it turned out: Target matched most of Walmarts prices anyway, and in case they don’t– you can price match them with your smart phone.

When I was making the change I saw that Target had the PackN’Play that I wanted (but didn’t register for– opting for a model that was 50$ cheaper) for the same price as the one I was currently registered for at BabiesRUs. I quickly registered for that one, and deleted the other.

Then I get on my Target iPad app today¬†and they have another 15% off of that PackN’Play! So I managed to save nearly 60$ and get the one I really wanted, rather than the one I was settling for. I purchased that online, and I can’t wait for it to get here. Hubby was very impressed with my savings.


Upon closer examination of their ad I saw that the sale was not just on that, but everywhere in baby. I showed C the ad that had the MomaRoo priced as normal (219.00), but when you purchased it you got a 40$ gift card to target. We had discussed wanting one, but we decided not to register for it because they were expensive and it was a luxury item. However, that 40$ gift card was a great deal, and we decided to go ahead and buy it.



Once we got to the store I also picked up my free goody bag that you get for starting a registry with them (a bottle and pacifier were included in this), and quickly swiped the last MomaRoo off the shelf. I decided to look around some more. They had their 10-pack of baby hangers on sale for 1.02$. BabiesRUs was charging 2.99$. I grabbed every blue pack they had– 8 packs total. I also saw that with the purchase of 3 pampers giant packs you got a 25$ gift card. A quick search to make sure that they didn’t raise the price of the diapers for the sale made this a no brainer! Unfortunately the diaper aisle took a beating for the sale and there were no Newborn of size 1, so we purchased 2 boxes of size 2 and one box of size 3.




On our way out of the store we stopped to look at their carpet shampooers, because I still have a few rooms to finish here and ours died. (Side note: C is normally the person who shampoos the carpet– he seriously loves it and does it all the time, but I’m taking it over since he’s been out of town). Turns out they had the one we wanted on sale for 30$ off original price, and we used our 65$ in gift cards towards it as well. Cha-Ching!


Oh boy! I’m so excited with the savings and I wish I had more freedom to shop, but I know I need to be patient. I didn’t even use the 5$ off 20$ of carters clothes, but trust me I wanted to. I wanted to buy every Halo Sleepsack, SummerInfant SwaddleMe, and toy they had on sale– but looking at our two carts bursting at the seams I called it quits. We got some¬†amazing deals, and not having been a Target shopper before– I’ve been converted. I was very impressed with their selection and the helpful staff.

Overall today was a very good day. ūüôā


Taking inventory…

I’m sure I’m not alone¬†in my constant worry about having everything we need for our son in time. I’m constantly wanting to go to the store and start shopping off of my own registry, because at 25 weeks pregnant– Our son could been here as soon as 12 weeks. My husband is very good at walking that fine line of encouraging me to shop within reason (because telling a pregnant woman NOT to buy anything for her baby is pointless), and keeping me from going overboard.

I may have mentioned in the past that on my side of the family I’m the only one who has been pregnant this decade, so I’m not expecting a lot of hand-me-downs. My husband has to remind me that on his side of the family that is not the case and we are going to lucky enough to be given many hand-me-downs from his uncle, whose own son is 18 months old. We also have our baby shower(s).

When I start to get anxious I take inventory of everything we’ve got for him so far, and it makes me feel better.

As of right now here is what we have:

Boppy Pillow
A small collection of books
Crib Bedding Set
Baby Blanket
60+ pairs of baby socks
10 pairs of baby shoes
50+ Baby outfits Newborn-9months
2 sleep sacks 0-9months
Several different baby bottles (free from gift bags)
Hand-Me-Down swing (Thank you!)
Hand-Me-Down walker (Thank you!)

The brown paper bag also is housing a lot of baby clothes I don't have hangers for just yet. The pampers box is full of socks and shoes.

The brown paper bag also is housing a lot of baby clothes I don’t have hangers for just yet. The pampers box is full of socks and shoes.


These are some outfits I've purchased on clearance.

These are some outfits I’ve purchased on clearance.


MY Halo Bassinest. So excited for this!

MY Halo Bassinest. So excited for this!

When I quantify it– I feel better! I know that¬†we’ve accumulated more than I had originally thought and that is comforting. My glider had¬†been discontinued before we purchased it, so we’ve been shopping around for one. I’ve got very specific wishes for a glider so it’s taking some time. We also have plans to get to IKEA and purchase the dresser, bookshelf, and end table. My insurance covers a breast pump and I’ve already been taking the steps to make sure I’ve got it before he arrives that way I an begin pumping ASAP! I will be looking for work and hope to have a job within 12-16 weeks after he’s born, and I need a good supply at home for him to eat while I’m working 12 hour shifts at the hospital. I’ve also been promised a huge supply of baby clothes from C’s grandmother and uncle.

We still have a long way to go– But we’re making progress.


Halo Bassinest has Arrived!

I’m super excited to report that our first piece of baby furniture has arrived– The Halo Bassinest. I’ve talked about this before, but it finally arrived and I am so excited.

I pre-ordered this over a month ago and was actually told it wouldn’t arrive until the end of September. The reason I was so excited about this product is because my original plans for the Arm’s Reach Co-Sleeper fell through because our new master bedroom is just big enough for our king bed. This product is the perfect combination of the cosleeper I wanted and the bassinet. Now I haven’t actually assembled the product yet so I can not give an in-depth ‘review’ of the product, since I technically haven’t used it. I will be sure to do that once I’ve used it for a few weeks. For now all I can do is tell you the reasons that I wanted this product and why I believed it was a great purchase for us.

Arm's Reach Cosleeper

Arm’s Reach Cosleeper

Not only is it tall enough to reach while I’m sitting in our bed, but the way the legs are able to partially go under the bed to help conserve space. (Our room is actually quite large, but our bed set is huge!) The entire bed of the bassinest also swivels 360 degrees so I’m able to get in and out of bed easily without disturbing the baby. The cosleeper part is in the retractable side that can be folded down when I need to get the baby out. The halo bassinest also has¬†soothing center with music/sounds, vibration, a light, and a nursing timer set to 15 minutes– I’m not sure I’m going to like the nursing timer, but time will tell.

MY Halo Bassinest

MY Halo Bassinest

I saw this product on Pinterest and after doing some research and reading some reviews I knew I had to have it. It was a little pricy at 229$ it cost close to to the price of the crib, and considered that this product can not be used after 5 months or after 30 pounds– It’s steep. But being as close to cosleeping as possible was important to me. I’ve read too much research on SIDS and knew that I would not be comfortable (personally) having my baby in bed with me, so this product gives me the next best thing.

Now I can’t wait to get to buy the crib and the remaining nursery furniture items! The glider I had picked out is now out of production, so I’m still looking for one of those. Otherwise I have everything else picked out and I’m ready to buy it, but I’m trying to space out purchases and wait to buy big things for when the nursery is ready. The carpet installers will be in on Monday to measure, and then it’ll be another week or two before the carpet is in. After that I can can go shopping! haha.

I’m so super excited, and I think my son is too because he’s been extra active today.