5 Months!

My baby boy is 5 months old.

My baby boy is 5 months old.

This has been a very, very exciting month, so I’ll just jump in.

I’ll start with his ‘stats’ — He is 14.5lbs, and just shy of 24” long. He fitting comfortably in 3-6 month clothes, and size 2 diapers. His average bottle is between 5-6 ounces. I can still remember when I celebrated him taking 5 milliliters! I’m so impressed and proud of this little man. I know that I am incredibly lucky to be his mom.

Smiling all the time!

That smile and those arms!  

Other things this month:

I’ve noticed new hair growth. I’m sure he’s been growing it for awhile, but it’s long enough now that I paused to examine it. It’s soft, fluffy, and light brown. It’s actually a lot lighter than my husband or my own hair color, but I’m sure it’ll darken as he grows. So cute!

We also purchased a bumbo seat. We were told NOT to buy this by a physical therapist because it was just a ‘container’ that did nothing for development, but I disagree. When we started using it he lasted 1-2minutes before his strength would begin to waver and he’d lean over. Now he lasts 15-20 minutes. We get nervous about it, so we are never more than a few inches away while he’s in it, but we love to give him the time to practice strengthening his muscles.

In the bumbo.

In the bumbo.

We’re also given him more opportunity to work on reaching for things, but as of now he isn’t doing that consistently. He’ll push his bottle/pacifier away, and he’ll sometimes grab at toys and our hands so I know he’s got some coordination… But he’s not reaching out for things outside of his reach like other toys or us just yet. He did find his feet, and has grabbed and held on to them a few times. That’s exciting and progress. We’re getting there! His easter basket has a couple of things to help with this! I’ll do a post about that soon. 🙂

He is still not rolling over from front to back or back to front —- BUT! He is SO. CLOSE. I swear, he rolls over to his side and realizes if he puts any more force behind it he’ll be on his tummy (and he HATES tummy time), so he stops. Speaking of tummy time, he isn’t pushing himself up in a full arch from the floor, but he is now lifting his head with much more control and looking around. That is huge progress from last month.


His St. Patrick outfit, and you can see him holding his head up. :)

His St. Patrick outfit, and you can see him holding his head up. 🙂



Another cute thing is that he has really started to interact with us. Last month it was more he was fascinated with his environment, this month he’s interacting with it. He loves to ‘talk’ back to us, be read to, etc. We are loving this!

Also, this month somehow, and someway… Our little man has started sleeping through the night. What?! It came on suddenly, and we didn’t really change anything about his routine. At night he was sleeping longer at a time, 4-5 hours instead of his regular 3-4, and then those stretches kept expanding over about 2-weeks till he was sleeping 8-10 hours. Now, he sleeps 8-10 hours straight 85-90% of the time, and the days that he doesn’t sleep through the night is because…

He’s teething! My poor baby boy. 😦 He started stuffing his hands into his mouth and drooling a ton. That lasted about 2 weeks and then the discomfort kicked in and he morphed into a cranky baby. Now, my boy is not an ‘easy’ baby.  I mean… he isn’t all smiles all the time, but he’s always been easy to soothe when he was upset…. Teething changed that.

Now, he’ll cry for 30 minutes or longer and nothing we do works. We’ve bought at least 6 different ‘teethers’ and he hates all of them: The keys, the cold hand, the rings, the pacifier-looking teether, gum massagers, our own fingers, etc. He wants nothing to do with any of them. We’ve been alternating with tylenol and homeopathic teething tablets because nothing else soothes him. Right now his gums are just swollen and we see some white, but no breakage just yet. We know this won’t last forever, but it is definitely hard to see him upset and be powerless to soothe.


Hands in the mouth at all times.

This month I also went back to work, and my husband has taken over as the primary care giver while I’m working. I love my hubby, but he had it too easy while I was home because I always wanted to be the one that took care of the baby. He always offered, but I usually declined because 1. I wanted to do it all 2. I felt like I had to do it all. First time mom naïvety?

I wish I had given him the opportunity to do more while I was home because he’s really had to go from 0-60 fast. I take full responsibility, because every time the baby was crying I would take him, every time he needed a bath I gave it, etc. —Because I wanted to, not because he wouldn’t. Sorry, I’m a type-A control freak and the NICU left me wanting to make up for lost time.

Regardless of all of this, he’s done great. We are incredibly lucky that he’s able to work from home and stay with the baby so we don’t have the expense of day-care. He also sends me pictures during the day and my coworkers love them as much as I do.

That about sums up month 5! It’s been exciting and great and I’m so in love with my tiny human. Every day is full of new challenges and new experiences and I am soaking all of it up!

He loves bath time! *I promise, he looks serious, but he's usually grinning.

He loves bath time! *I promise, he looks serious, but he’s usually grinning.

This kid is standing practically unassisted.

This kid is standing practically unassisted.

We live in KY. Big blue nation.

We live in KY. Big blue nation.