Nursery Tour – Baby Boy’s Peek-a-Boo Monster Nursery

Finally getting around to doing a nursery tour. I never got it ‘perfect’ but I like it so far. We spend a lot of our time in here: rocking him in the recliner, playing on his floor mat, changing him, etc. It’s almost perfect, but of course…

Things I want to do but haven’t done:

  • Finish his alphabet wall. I already purchased the letters from ETSY and they plain birch wood. We planned on having them painted at the baby shower that never happened, and I just haven’t had a chance to paint them. They will go above the recliner. As soon as things ‘settle down’ I’ll get that done.
  • I need to clean out his crib, but he’s currently sleeping next to us in his Rock n’ Play– So that’s not such a big deal at the moment. His great grandmother bought him a moses basket, but unfortunately he can’t lay flat most of the time, so we took some pictures of him in it and plan on giving it away soon.
  • I also plan to get a bookshelf of some sort. I had wanted one from IKEA, but it is much too large for his room right now. Maybe once we outgrow the need for his rocker/recliner I can put one in it’s place.

IMG_2017This sign is hung on his nursery door. My son is named after my husband, and this sign was my husbands from when he was a boy. I love how many things we have from when my husband was a baby. This just adds an extra special touch to the room.


This is the view from the hallway into my son’s room. His theme is ‘peek-a-boo monsters’– Blue, Brown, and Green.


The dresser slash changing table is positioned between two small closets and directly in front of his window. There is a small antique rocking horse to the left. It used to be where the diaper genie is, but we’re pressed for space so I had to put it there.


A close up of our changing area. We were given the changing pad cover as a gift. I use a diaper changing station and a wipe warmer. The sides hold some up and up lotion, diaper cream, and baby powder. The little robot plush is from a friend, and the dinosaur was from my mom. It plays music and baby boy loves it. I also keep hand sanitizer handy.


The first two drawers. The left hand side is all of the misc. things everyone collects. The right hand side holds socks, bibs, hats, and burp cloths. I need to get some of those IKEA drawer organizers badly, but the nearest IKEA is 2.5 hours away. We had planned a trip there before he made his appearance, but his early arrival derailed those plans.


The second row. The left drawer has his outfits that he currently fits into, and the right drawer has his sleepers that he currently fits.


The last row. Left side has extra blankets, sheets, changing pad covers, etc. The right side has his onesies, and shoes.


Here is his crib. He’s not sleeping in it right now so don’t stress about all of the things inside of it. We’ve got all of his stuffed animals, and a moses basket that my husband’s grandma gave us. *Our son can’t sleep flat, so we took some pictures of him in it and we’re looking to give it away. The right side you can see his closet door.


This is his ‘weighing station’ — We needed to weigh him daily so we purchased a baby scale. It’s positioned over two totes. The bottom tote is 6month and up clothing. The top tote is full of clothes he’s already outgrown. 😦


Opposite of the crib is the rocker. It’s a lazyboy recliner and it’s super comfortable. The table is something my mother in law found at a flea market. The afghan was made by his grandmother, and we love to cuddle with his boppy pillow and blanket and relax. I’ve got the video monitor on the table, because currently our son sleeps with us. So if he’s laying down while I’m folding clothes or something I’ve got easy access to it. The lamp is part of his theme. In the background we’ve got the packn’play/changing area/basinet that we don’t need, so I’m giving it away as a baby shower gift. I just need to wrap it.


This is the closet where I have his extra diapers, wipes, and his next size up in clothes.


This closet has a little bit of everything. Mostly things we won’t need for a long time. His toddler bed rail, his 6-12 month clothes, and a lot of other odds and ends are in here. I’ll organize it eventually.


This is where I plan to put his bookshelf eventually. The ‘basket’ is currently being used as a dirty clothes hamper, but will eventually house his toys. And his carseat.


Just another shot of the room, and our dog. It’s a small space, but we’re making it work. *I leave the floor mat out because we use it daily. He absolutely loves it!



Week 15

Week 15
*this is a long post!

Woozah! This week has been exciting. Well, I should amend that and say that the end of this week has been the most exciting. We had our gender reveal scan at 15 weeks and 5 days. I was so excited and nervous that I couldn’t sleep the night before. I just knew that our baby was a girl, but about a week or two ago I started having gender specific dreams and in every dream I had a boy.

The morning of our scan my best friend (K) met up with us so she could follow us to our appointment. The hospital is under a lot of construction and unless you’ve been there once or twice it can be very confusing! I knew I wanted to share this moment with her, and she was so excited to be there too. She even surprised me when she got out of her car because she had a big bouquet of ‘gender neutral’ flowers. My appointment was at 830, but we got there at 810, and lucky enough we got called back at 820.

The ultrasound technician was the same lady who did our first scan (the one when I bawled like a baby), and I reassured her I wouldn’t cry this time– tearing up doesn’t count. Haha. She put some warm jelly on my stomach and right away I could see our baby– laying transverse across my uterus. She took the heart rate and it was down to 146– about 10 beats lower than usual. C said that maybe baby was a boy after all!

I was so sure baby was a girl, so it was still a huge (very good) surprise when she told us that we were having a BOY! It was a great ultrasound because baby was moving all over the place, flexing his arms and legs, and kicking. It made C tear up a bit. We got some great pictures, and there is no doubt that we’ve got a boy. He gave us quite the money shot! Haha

After this we went to BabiesRUs to celebrate. I had no ideas for a nursery theme for a boy so we wandered around the bed sets for a bit until we saw one we loved! Peek-A-Boo Monsters! All of the stuff was on clearance because they were phasing it out so we went ahead and bought the bed set, lamp, and mobile. Then we scoured the racks for baby boy clothes!

I had several people texting me asking what the gender was, but I wanted to make the big public reveal first. So we found some super cute outfits, and took our picture with them. I uploaded the picture, and then texted everyone right away. Everyone is so thrilled! We were really hoping for a boy, and everyone was happy we were having one.

The rest of the week was busy for the house. We demoed the master bedroom, picked up our windows, scheduled the electrician to come work, and I took a closer look at the soon to be nursery. We’ve decided to build a huge walk in closet in the master, and a nice 65″ by 30″ closet in the nursery. The house is nearly 80 years old so working within the small spaces is a must! The more I thought about not having a closet, the more I knew I had to have one.

On a pregnancy side of things– I was down another 3 pounds at this appointment, but my midwife didn’t seem concerned. I was a little shocked to be down some more. I’ve been getting sick less often, and eating more than before. It’ll catch up with me soon! I also learned that my midwife is leaving for maternity leave soon, but she should be back before we have the baby!

I did take this time to ask her about my labor and birth. I was very happy with her answers. She has had many clients succeed with a natural labor, so she will support me in this to the best of her ability. I do have to have an IV, but I can maintain my fluids orally. I can have intermittent monitoring of baby’s heart rate so I can walk around with my contractions. I can push in whatever position I feel best in– she said she has delivered babies every way: hands and knees, squatting, etc. She was thrilled when I said I want immediate kangaroo care, and delayed cord clamping. I forgot to ask about water birth, but that will have as much to do with hospital policy as it will with her. ** unfortunately I have to say ‘can’– because a lot of hospitals bully women into treating birth like a medical procedure, rather than a natural act. I love having a midwife understands and wants to help me have the birth I want.

While she is away I’ll be with another midwife in the practice. I’ve never met her before and I’m a bit nervous, but I’m sure it’ll be okay. Next visit we are doing the big anatomy scan! She told us it is very in depth and they look at everything. I’m excited to get to see my baby boy so soon again. I’m even more excited to make my 3D/4D scan appointment at a BellySpa! That won’t be till around 28-32 weeks, but still!

This week (according to the apps) baby can hear my heartbeat and maybe even my voice. So I’m taking my time to speak to him and give him a familiar voice to attach to. I still am not feeling movement, but hopefully soon! Baby is growing from a navel orange in size to an avocado!

I’m looking forward to growing a more noticeable bump, some boob growth ( don’t judge!), and feeling my baby boy move! I feel really bonded to our son, and it can’t wait to experience all of the things pregnancy has to offer (even the not to pretty parts).

I’m just filled to the brim with bliss and happiness. 🙂




More renovation updates!

This has been an exciting few weeks at our new home! Our contractor finished the roof, gutters, soffits, and facial boards. Now the outside of our house looks brand new! Our windows are finally finished being constructed and we just picked them up today– so tomorrow the contractor will start putting them in and building windowsills. Talk about some amazing before and after shots to come!

On top of all of that our appliances we purchased on Memorial Day weekend (thanks to a huge sale) were just delivered. Now– the kitchen doesn’t even look like a kitchen right now; the floor has to be replaced, the walls aren’t ready to be painted, and the electrical hasn’t been updated yet. So we had the men place them in the dining room so that when the time came to move them we wouldn’t have to move them far. We are also going to go ahead and start using the fridge since we’ve been using one that is more suitable for a dorm room.

I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen. I can not wait to cook a meal in my new kitchen in a few weeks!

In other news the master bedroom had some major renovation mayhem happen. We tore out the old closet, and the partial wall. We needed more room for our bedroom suite with that king bed and bedside tables, and I wanted a walk-in closet! So now I will have a huge walk-in closet with a wall of shoe storage. Heck yes!

We are also considering building a closet in the nursery rather than buying two dressers. The room is already really small, but I know in a few years a closet is going to be important to a growing kid. I haven’t measured to figure out the exact figures of it yet, but I will be soon.

As for the next big projects to come, we have a few:
1. Central heat and air installation and duct work.
2. The entire kitchen, master, and some more work in the nursery.
3. Fencing in some of the back yard for our indoor westie.
4. Electrical updating.
5. Setting up my grandmas home out back. (Septic tank, running water, running electrical, etc.)

It’s a daunting list, but some of these projects can be worked on simultaneously. C is hoping to be move in ready by Labor Day. We’ve all got our fingers and toes crossed!



My Pre-Baby Book

I am a compulsive organizer and list maker. I always have been. When I feel overwhelmed or anxious– I make a list and it instantly soothes me. Obviously everything about being pregnant, and preparing for our first child is overwhelming. I have already eluded in pervious posts that I have been planning and organizing. So this post I’m going to talk about how I organize all of that research.

I bought a 1-inch 3-ring binder, and some dividers to break up the certain areas that I’ve been researching. Currently I have 5 sections: Prenatal, hospital, registry, nursery, and birthing classes. I’ll let you know what I keep in each section.



I have receipts from my appointments and from my payments plan. I also have a payment schedule for my payment plan to pay off our deductible by the time our baby is here– that way after all we have to worry about is the hospital bill. I also have ‘recap’ sheets, and the information that my midwife has given me at my appointments. Essentially this section has everything to do with my prenatal care.


Currently this section is blank, but as it gets closer to the due date I do plan on pre-registering for our stay in the hospital, so in this section of my binder I will hold a copy of that paperwork. I will have some page protectors to hold all of the information we get about the birth certificate, social security card, and upcoming well baby visits. I’ll also have a few copies of my flexible birth plan.


All information related to baby purchases and the registry will be here. I have a huge master list that I’ve complied from looking at several different ‘registry lists’ on the internet, and as I register for an item I cross it off the large list and write down which store I registered for it at. Then after that I have each store’s specific list. Once we are done I will include a printed copy of the registries from the stores.



The two most important things I have in this section are the to-scale nursery drawing with the large items of furniture placed where I want them, and the list of the big ticket furniture items I need to purchase from Ikea. This section will also include nursery inspiration as I start to design a nursery. This is my favorite section.


Birthing Class

This section currently just has a list of the classes I plan to attend, their date, location, and anything special about the class I need to know. It also has a list of questions I have to ask once I’m in the classes. As I begin attending them if I happen to take any notes– this section will also include my notes.


I really enjoy adding stuff to the sections as I have stuff to include. The amount of stuff to do doesn’t feel as overwhelming for me once I’ve got it organized and at my finger tips. I don’t know if this will make anyone else feel better like it does for me– but I figured it can’t do anything but help.