Christmas tree!

My husband and I have been staying in central KY (about 90 miles away from home), for the last two months. We had not been home since my water broke in October. Thankfully our mothers have been taking care of our house and our fur children so we could devote all of our time to our baby boy (who is doing wonderfully, just in case you were wondering). However we had to go home for a few days to take care of some things that only we could do– a very hard thing to do because it meant not seeing our baby for 48hours, but it was a necessary trip.

We made good use of those house while we were home. While my hubby was taking care of insurance and tax documents on his computer— I was getting our house ready for Christmas! Even if our son isn’t home for ‘christmas’– We’re doing Christmas when he comes home! Christmas in July? Sounds like fun to me!

I put up our first full sized tree, wrapped the presents I had ordered during cyber monday, and stocked up on the limited edition gingerbread cookie mix. 😉 When our baby comes home, he’s coming home to to some holiday cheer!

**ALSO! I will be doing a ‘house tour’ very soon! My amazing mother in law has decorated our house for us, and I can’t wait to show some amazing before and after pictures! Remember how our house used to look?! If you don’t, take a peek here to help your memory!


Week 19 and the Anatomy Scan!

How crazy is it that we are days away from being halfway there?! It’s insane. It’s absolutely mind boggling, nerve wracking, and so very exciting. We were looking at our positive test less than 4 months ago, and I thought this entire process would drag on, but with all of the excitement going on in our lives at the moment it has been flying by at warp speed. Right after we found out I graduated nursing school, we went on vacation, the renovations for the house went full swing, we discovered the gender (gender = shopping!), and I’ve been studying and peeping for my NCLEX that is about 4 days away!

As of today I am 19 weeks and 5 days. Yesterday they did the big anatomy scan and we got the fantastic news that everything looked great and on track. Our baby boy weighs 12 ounces by their calculations, which is nearly 2 ounces heavier than all of the information I’ve been reading. The midwife showed no concern for that and I saw the growth charts and he is measuring perfectly in the middle.

We’ve been so spoiled because this was our third chance to see our son. We won’t see him again until we have our 3D/4D ultrasound. Yesterday he was very active and she was able to easily get all of her measurements, until it came time to get his profile. He kept keeping his hands in front of his face. It was beautiful to see him move, and the ultrasound technician was so nice and took time to explain to us what exactly we were seeing.

C teared up when you could see our son opening his mouth. I teared up when I saw him kicking and flexing all of his limbs. It’s always such an emotional experience feeling that much closer to our son.

On the pregnancy front my biggest symptoms would be my continued (TMI) gas/bloat, headaches, and the aching back. My back is awful! I can’t hardly walk around the store without getting uncomfortable. C came into town for the ultrasound and he was so sweet about rubbing my back without even asking. My (temporary) midwife showed me a stretch to use to help ease the sciatica, and she said I can continue to use heating pad on low. I also found out that my midwife will be back in time for my next appointment! She had a baby boy and both are doing great according to the office. How exciting!

My appetite is growing, and it showed at the office. I was up 2.8 pounds from my last appointment, and I’m still about 3 pounds away from their highest recorded weight. I’ve been craving the same things: typically pickles, and home cooked meals, with the occasional desire for cold sweets (popsicles, etc).

So far I have not had any swelling, and fetal movement is only a MAYBE. I really thought I felt him at one point, but since I haven’t felt him since I can’t be sure. They told me at the ultrasound that my placenta has attached anteriorly, or in the front. This shouldn’t really impact my baby in any way, because the cervix is not blocked, but I haven’t done much more research on it. The only thing it might do is make it harder for me to feel him move. So that makes me feel better that I’m not feeling movements for sure, just yet!

Renovation mayhem has been crazy and expensive, but it’s so exciting. They are going to be installing our central heat and air next week, and the nursery has been painted! I would show a picture, but I really (really, really) want to wait to show the final before and after pictures! I was worried the paint colors we picked out were going to be too crazy, but my fears have been assuaged. After I take my boards I’m going in and we are going shopping for cabinets, and carpet. So thrilling!

Next time I update I will be past the halfway point, and I might be a licensed registered nurse!


registered nurse!



Week 17

This week has been very exciting! (So far just about every week has bee very exciting).

On the pregnancy front the nausea is *fingers crossed* — All but gone, and my weight is staying where it was; still down a bunch from pre-pregnancy– but I anticipate it will be coming up soon, my energy is staying up, and sleep is still good. I also think I may have felt our son move for the first time last night (July 3rd, 2014) while we were at a Lexington Legends baseball game. The only negatives this week have been some lower back pain that I think might be (self-diagnoised) sciatica, and my anxiety has been high.

Pre-pregnancy I struggled with anxiety. It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t preform my day-to-day functions, but it could be very overwhelming at times, and for reasons I couldn’t even identify. This past week I was borderline panic attack for reasons that I know don’t make a lot of sense. Honestly, I can look at what sets me off, and know that it is not that big of a deal– but I can’t just will my heart rate to slow, or my adrenaline to stop pumping. This past week what got me upset was everyone was asking me questions about the house: what should we build the closets out of, what about staining the wainscoting rather than painting, etc. It was overwhelming and I felt put on the spot, and didn’t really know what I wanted.

C was amazing and he took me out of the house, let me cry it out and calm down, before we headed back home. He also has anxiety issues, and completely understands. This was my first ‘freak out’ since the last week of nursing school, which is nice. I feared that with pregnancy hormones swirling around I would be miserable to be around. but that hasn’t been the case. Even C agrees that in general I’ve been a pretty easy pregnant women to be around. **Trust me, he wouldn’t lie.

We have our first childbirth class on Monday. It’s less about teaching us about childbirth, and more about what to expect at our elected hospital: procedures, etc. I’m looking forward to it. C is going, but he isn’t as excited about it as I am. Maybe it’s because I’m the one who will be doing the actual ‘birthing’ — haha.

The renovation mayhem has been crazy busy! The electrician is making quick work as he essentially rewires the entire house and brings it up to code. The contractor redesigned my kitchen in a way that makes me heart swell– I’m going to have a ‘walk-in’ pantry. The master bedroom, that had previously been demoed to the point it didn’t have walls, or a ceiling– now has drywall up, has been mudded and sanded, and has the closet built. Soon it will painted!

We are planning a trip to a warehouse to pick out some closet doors for the nursery, and cabinets for the kitchen, and maybe even the carpet for the bedrooms. Unfortunately, just as the house is really starting to take shape I’ve got to pull back so I can start studying for my NCLEX. I take it in less than 3 weeks and I haven’t done a great job at staying on top of my studying. So– Time to kick it into gear.



More renovation updates!

This has been an exciting few weeks at our new home! Our contractor finished the roof, gutters, soffits, and facial boards. Now the outside of our house looks brand new! Our windows are finally finished being constructed and we just picked them up today– so tomorrow the contractor will start putting them in and building windowsills. Talk about some amazing before and after shots to come!

On top of all of that our appliances we purchased on Memorial Day weekend (thanks to a huge sale) were just delivered. Now– the kitchen doesn’t even look like a kitchen right now; the floor has to be replaced, the walls aren’t ready to be painted, and the electrical hasn’t been updated yet. So we had the men place them in the dining room so that when the time came to move them we wouldn’t have to move them far. We are also going to go ahead and start using the fridge since we’ve been using one that is more suitable for a dorm room.

I’m very pleased with what I’ve seen. I can not wait to cook a meal in my new kitchen in a few weeks!

In other news the master bedroom had some major renovation mayhem happen. We tore out the old closet, and the partial wall. We needed more room for our bedroom suite with that king bed and bedside tables, and I wanted a walk-in closet! So now I will have a huge walk-in closet with a wall of shoe storage. Heck yes!

We are also considering building a closet in the nursery rather than buying two dressers. The room is already really small, but I know in a few years a closet is going to be important to a growing kid. I haven’t measured to figure out the exact figures of it yet, but I will be soon.

As for the next big projects to come, we have a few:
1. Central heat and air installation and duct work.
2. The entire kitchen, master, and some more work in the nursery.
3. Fencing in some of the back yard for our indoor westie.
4. Electrical updating.
5. Setting up my grandmas home out back. (Septic tank, running water, running electrical, etc.)

It’s a daunting list, but some of these projects can be worked on simultaneously. C is hoping to be move in ready by Labor Day. We’ve all got our fingers and toes crossed!



13 weeks

So I’ve been doing that little survey about my week, and I have decided I’m gonna stop doing it in that fashion. I want to write more and remember more as my pregnancy progresses. Being just two weeks away from our gender reveal scan is really making this pregnancy feel more real (the vomiting, and sore boobs aren’t enough).

Peach WIDE

As of today I am 13 weeks and 5 days, and I’m down another 3 pounds from my first prenatal appointment. Towards the end of week 12 I started to feel better on the nausea front and I thought that it was just dissipating with the end of the first trimester (like all of the books/blogs/articles say it should). Then this past week it came back just like before only this time I realized that it was coupled with (TMI) constipation— Which is exactly what was going on last time I was super sick.

(More TMI coming up!) After taking several stool softeners a day with no relief I went with an old classic: Prunes. I bought some prunes and some prune juice, and ate 7 prunes with a small glass of prune juice. It was a magical combination! I’ve deiced that every other day I’m going to eat 4 prunes just to keep me from getting in that situation again. It’s super uncomfortable.

Then I got curious as to why prunes help with constipation and I found that a lot of people believe that it is because of the fiber– Not the case. The real reason is the magnesium. For those who have tried Milk of Magnesia– You can now see the connection. The fiber is just an added bonus. I also don’t totally hate the taste of them, so that is another bonus.

Something else I’ve noticed is a my breast size has increased just a little bit, but considering I’ve been a double-A any increase is significant. I also noticed that my areola on my right side is darker. Yay for breast changes! It’s also getting easier to find the heartbeat using my BellaBeat– Always around the 150’s (does this mean girl?).

Not much has been going on this week– More work is being done on the house, which is exciting. We’ve got paint going up, and trim being laid. The roof is just about done, and the windows will be done this coming week; hanging them is going to really change the way the place looks. The nursery is ready for paint– but my original idea has changed. I want something different and a little more gender specific– what yet I don’t really know. It’s killing me! haha I’ve been goggling for inspiration and I’m stuck! Hopefully I’ll be hit with some inspiration soon.

I did spent some time today pre-registering for our registry. What I mean is I went through my Babies R Us wish list (that I’ve been compiling for over a year), and started to separate my registry between Wal-Mart and Babies R Us. My plan is to register at Babies R Us for some of the more expensive items that Wal-Mart doesn’t carry, and register for some of the smaller things at Wal-Mart. This way if someone would like to give a gift, but can not really afford the Babies R Us prices (because– YIKES, they are expensive!) then they have a much more affordable option. I’ve compiled a list in a word document for which items I want to register for at Babies R Us, and which items I want to register for at Wal-Mart.

I’ve also been comparing reviews on some of the bigger ticket items like the carseat/stroller, glider, etc. That way I feel comfortable when it comes time to shell out of money for them– that at least I’m getting a good and safe product for my baby.

I’ve also found my dream bassinet/cosleeper!! I’ve been so worried about the lack of space in our master bedroom with our new king bed. I knew I wanted a cosleeper, but I was worried it wouldn’t attach to the bed or leave us enough space. So then I found the HALO Bassinest. It doesn’t come out until later this month, but as soon as it does I’m snatching one up! It’ll be the perfect compromise for the cosleeping I was hoping for.

bassinest Bassinest_product__54318.1397483198.1280.1280


I also have a few big ticket items from Ikea that I need to pick up once the house is far enough along for furniture. Since the nursery doesn’t have a closet (this house was built in the 1940’s) I need to make sure I’ve got plenty of storage. I know I plan on buying the HEMMNES 8-Drawer Dresser, and the maybe the 6-Drawer Dresser too (instead of a wardrobe), but I haven’t decided yet. I also plan on buying the KALLAX bookshelf (used to be EXPEDIT). I have plans to paint the bookshelf, and maybe even the dresser so they won’t be so stark white, but until some nursery inspiration hits me that is also on hold.


Anyway, this turned into a much longer post than I had originally anticipated. Lots of research going on. Maybe next week it will be more exciting and less me babbling about baby products.